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The Idiots Abound!! (long rant, sorry)

May 31st, 2005, 08:38 PM
Three incidents to set my blood to boiling in two days. What are the chances?

Yesterday, I spotted a pickup truck driving ahead of me. What did I see in the bed of said truck? A lovely, elderly Lab-type dog, limping from side to side - clearly arthritic (or some similar malady) and obviously NOT SECURED. My 5 1/2 year old asked me why there was a dog in the back of that truck. Even a CHILD can see that there's something obviously wrong with that picture!

As I was explaining to him how wrong and dangerous it is to put your dog in the back of an open truck like that, don't we see another pickup truck going in the opposite direction with a HUMAN in the open bed?!?! I mean, come on people!! And this wasn't a leisurely jaunt down a country road - they were doing 60 down a main through-street!!

Well, this evening I saw yet another person I wanted to shake to check to see if I could hear the brain cells rattling around in there. No, this one didn't involve a pickup truck. It involved a dog. A woman brought what looked like a young pug mix to the soccer field tonight (not supposed to bring dogs to the field, but oh well). I had commented upon entering the field, "Oh, what a cute puppy!" Her reply was a lopsided grin and a sarcastic, "Yeah, they're just a blast, aren't they?" as she gave the leash a little tug to stop the pup from coming any closer to me. Oh, well. She doesn't want her pup socializing. Not my decision, right? Well, I watched her throughout the evening. She had the pup on a retractable lead hooked to a flat collar. Everywhere she went, the pup would try to sniff at something interesting, or try to run ahead playfully. Some times she'd let the pup get to the end of the retractable lead, some times she'd only let him stray half a foot. Each time, that pup was yanked back with enough force to pull him right off his paws into mid-air. I was incensed, but because I was alone with the two kids (one of whom was on the soccer field at the time), I couldn't really confront this woman. Why, oh, why would you get a dog when you so obviously don't like them??? :confused:

May 31st, 2005, 09:32 PM
Hang in there're not alone with those feelings.. it would outrage the rest of us...

Cactus Flower
June 1st, 2005, 03:43 AM

No dog should be in the back of a truck bed, period. They burn their feet when it's hot, have no shade, and it's just plain dangerous. Tethering them can be dangerous, too, because they can jump over the side and hang themselves.
I once saw a dog hanging from a PARKED TRUCK in someone's driveway. Poor pitbull barely had his toes touching the ground. Ohhhh my heart was pounding when I ran over there to help him, thinking any dog in that kind of distress is going to bite me. The owner came out when he saw me run onto the property, and saved the dog.

So sad, the pug mix being stuck with an owner like that! But then again, probably not for long, if she is that impatient and lacks that much understanding.....he'll likely end up at the pound the first time he chews a shoe or soils the floor :sad: .

I'm sorry you had such a rotten day. I'd say a bubblebath is in order (with a good book!).


June 1st, 2005, 06:15 AM
As far as the back of a pickup truck goes, I have been known to use my handy dandy cell phone while on the 401 to remain behind a vehicle and give the OPP a pretty detailed description of truck, direction etc. Not nice, but neither is risking the dogs life by doing that. ;)

June 1st, 2005, 11:42 AM
I don't think it is actually illegal to have your dog in the back of a truck. I know many of my high-school days was spent in the back of a truck, at varyious speeds (and degrees of stupidity), and I know people who used to cruise with people in the back and the police were always around and never pulled anyone over. As for the dog in the back, I confess to someone once telling me why that was a bad idea and saying that I never thought of that. I'd see a dog in the back with his tail wagging happily, and didn't consider the consequences. Now, I don't even let Daisy put her head out the window if we are going on the highway.

June 1st, 2005, 12:05 PM
I'm outraged everytime I see a dog in the back of a pickup truck! I've actually seen a Doberman jump off of a moving pick up once. Luckily, the truck wasn't moving too fast and the dog was uninjured. The driver stopped, grabbed the dog and put him back in the truck and then hit him! The Doberman did lunge back to bite him. Some people.

Another thing that outrages me is when people allow their dog to hang outside the moving car window. I'm not just talking about a snout. I'm talking head, chest and legs! Do they not realise that these dogs are prone to ear and eye infections? Not to mention getting hit with a truck mirror or falling out!

June 1st, 2005, 02:37 PM
Man you would hate Texas. Here there isn't even a law saying you have to tie the junk in the back of your pickup down. so of course there is junk all over the highways, i'm talking couches, tvs, chairs, tables, those sorts of things. There is no law here about dogs either, and as long as the human is over 18 they are allowed in the back of the pickup going down the highway where the speed limit is 80 mph, but mind you people are doing about 90 to 100 mph (oh the stupidity). We used to take our dobe (not by my choice, I was a child) in the back of our pickup, but we had him in his crate which was tied securly down with the door locked shut and tied shut to make sure it didn't open and a tarp over the crate so the wind didn't hit him.

June 1st, 2005, 02:51 PM
Schwinn, I'm pretty sure I read that it was illigal to have any living creature (canine or human) in the back of an open-bed pick-up. I don't know why the police would turn a blind eye to it. There are laws about using proper restraints, for humans at least, right? Last time I checked, there weren't any seat belts in the back of a truck.

These weren't teens in the back of the truck, either. They were 30-something construction workers going home after work - people who are supposed to know better.

The poor dog, though. She was quite old, gray muzzle, limping from side to side. It must be hard and painful enough for her to walk normally, let alone in the back of a lurching, swaying pick-up, with the ridges on the bed, surrounded by whatever junk they had back there... poor baby. :sad:

June 1st, 2005, 03:04 PM
There is nothing in the Highway Traffic Act about this. You would have to look in either municipal bylaws or animal protection.

June 1st, 2005, 03:53 PM
I had thought it was illegal, as well, until we got pulled over while I was in the back of a truck. The law states that all seatbelts must be used, and the driver must not be crowded. I found this out while crossing the border with a buddy lying in the back of my two-seater.

June 1st, 2005, 04:22 PM
Hmmmm..... I know that if a car was built before a certain year and didn't come stock with seat belts, then you can't be pulled over for not wearing them. But, wouldn't the logic then follow that if there's no seat, you shouldn't be sitting there?? (the generic "you", not you personally, Schwinn). OK, maybe it's time for another bill to be passed, since everyone seems to be waiting for government to legislate common sense to them these days. :rolleyes:

June 1st, 2005, 06:39 PM
Your post remeinds me of what James and I saw a while back. We were heading to DC to see Judith at the hospital, and a truck passed us going 70-80 on the freeway with a dog in the back of it. James and I were very disturbed buy it. We come from the country were alot of people do that, but only on dirt roads that don't have too much traffic. Well James and I conversed over it the rest of they way to the hospital. The dog should have atleast been in a cage that was bolted to the bed of the truck!

June 2nd, 2005, 10:32 AM
Hmmmm..... I know that if a car was built before a certain year and didn't come stock with seat belts, then you can't be pulled over for not wearing them. But, wouldn't the logic then follow that if there's no seat, you shouldn't be sitting there?? (the generic "you", not you personally, Schwinn). OK, maybe it's time for another bill to be passed, since everyone seems to be waiting for government to legislate common sense to them these days. :rolleyes:

You're preaching to the choir. I find myself very uncomfortable in a car if I'm not wearing a seatbelt. I was in a serious accident as a kid, and the only thing that saved me from turning my melon into mush was the heavy parka I was wearing. I also lost the flappy thing that holds your bottom lip to your gums. (The plus side is I can now stuff more things in my mouth, like a chipmunk!). It was because I wasn't wearing a seatbelt in the front seat, sitting on my knees facing sideways. Most of the times I've been without a seatbelt were because there wasn't one available, or I had been, um, less than coherant, shall we say (as a passenger, of course). There is the one time where I was pulling a "Dukes of Hazzard" and fell out of a speeding truck at 90 kms/hr, but we won't get into that.

I hound Cheryl about wearing her seatbelt, who always wears it now. I used to have arguments about her putting her feet on the dashboard over the air-bag. While being able to put her feet behind her ears would be cool, I don't want it to be forced on her if we hit something...She used to always call me paranoid, but she now turns off the air-bag in the truck if she is taking her friend's baby anywhere.

doggy lover
June 2nd, 2005, 11:36 AM
Gee I have a $50,000 pick up and you see these guys driving around in s*** boxes with their dogs in the back, Tucker drives in the front seat, like a :king:

June 3rd, 2005, 04:47 PM
Wyoming doesn't have any laws about riding in the back of a truck for animals or adults - you do have to be a certain age to do it. My parents varied from dog to dog on whether they rode in the back of the truck or not. We had one GSD that fell out of the truck because she was standing on the tool box instead of all the way into the bed. After that, she didn't ride in the back anymore. I remember that she always wanted to stand with her front paws on the roof and it would scare the hell out of me! I was young at that time. The rotti never rode in the back of the truck and the black shepard always rode in the back because he barked, and barked, and barked.......really loud! Once I could drive, the dogs would go with me in my pinto - that was always fun! :crazy: None of the dogs I have personally owned have ever ridden in the back of a truck, and none ever will.

June 12th, 2005, 07:01 PM
Just like kids without car seats its pretty common to see dogs in the back of pick up trucks where I live.

June 14th, 2005, 02:54 PM
I heard on the radio just this weekend that we do have a law in Wyoming about dogs in the back of trucks. Apparently, they are supposed to be restrained, and the restraint has to be such that they cannot get over the side or tailgate of the truck. The news report said that although the law has been in place since the beginning of the year, it has not been enforced. The report said that the 'grace' period is over and the cops will be enforcing the law now. At a family gathering on Saturday, we were talking about it and we all agreed that it isn't just the risk of the dog falling out, truck rolling, etc., but more the other risks to the dog - getting something in its ears or eyes, too hot, too cold, etc. Then just last night, I was behind a truck with a dog in the back - obviously not restrained. What drew my attention was the fact that this dog was pacing back and forth in the truck, not trying to look over the bed at anything, just pacing. I got the impression that it was an older dog who was either trying to keep his feet cool (it was really sunny yesterday) or if he was so arthritic that he couldn't get comfortable. :mad: Of course, I don't know if this was the case but something about the dog made me think it was pretty old, even though I never got a good look at his face. Poor guy.