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Feline Asthma

freds mom
May 30th, 2005, 05:07 PM
Our Freddy was diagnosed with Feline Asthma about a month or so back. He wasn't to bad but he become very ill and we rushed him. He was coughing far to much that day. The X-Ray did show some Asthma in his lungs so he was put on some Prednisone. He seems to respond well to this and we went on the road for about 2 weeks. I had cleared this with my Vet before we did leave. She felt things should be fine. We changed his little also to the recommended kind.

A day before we came home Freddy started to cough again. Once home he seemed to get worse and again I rushed him in as his breathing was getting very hard and Fred was in distress. He was put on oxygen right away and again he was given bye IV this medicine which he responded to well the last time. He did not do so well again nor with a second injection in the IV.

The new x-ray was so changed it took me back. His lung was about 75% Asthma. My Vet was somewhat shocked also. So the next thing to try and get Fred breathing better was to go for the Puffer that humans use. Ventilator I think it is called. I had to get a Air Chamber to give this to Fred which is also used in humans, children mostly. I was surprised how easy this made giving Fred this kind of medication.

We waited a but longer and Fred did respond to this. So I waited until the vets office closed with leaving Fred on oxygen longer. I was shown how to use this and also giving him the pills. I have done this many times so know problems there.

Things seem to be on the up but he was still coughing more than I liked,. I knew he would cough but not to this much. I had not being sleeping much as it seemed it always got worse at night. So I set my clock to wake me every 4 or so hours. I guess one time i was just so tired I didn't wake up right away. Boy did I ever regret that. I woke to Freddy being very bad again but the Puffer as I will call it, did the trick. I never felt so bad in my life I think and not being there for Fred.

I asked my husband to come home as I need the help. I needed to sleep at least a couple of nights then I could get back on track. My poor husband knew what was going on but to see this in real time was a shocker for him. It really got to him that I had to give him day or so to get use to all this.

I had to show him how to use the Air Chamber with the Puffer and the pills. Freddy didn't improve to much and did have one attack that I really didn't think I could get him back but I did. I already dealing with this and dealing with Freddy not breathing well at all had already made my choice if it came to this. My husband didn't until he came home and that one last terrible attack. The was only one choice if need be.

So after this Fred was put on another drug with hopes this would help him. It is a last try pill so all we could do is hope. Well I am not sure if this was some kind of miracle drug or what but what an improvement. I say that with much caution. Freddy's condition is not good at all. It is a very guarded situation right now and we know Fred can not do this much longer. He has no quality of life right now and that is not good.

Freddy always wants out and he doesn't anymore. There are so many wonderful things he usually will do in a day that always makes us so proud of him and brings so much joy to us. I told my husband that we have to think of him not us. Fred is what matters and if he can not have a good quality of life than what is the right thing to do if we have to make that choice.

What I don't understand is how this Asthma got so bad in so short of time. Is this new medication going to be the only thing that keeps him from that terrible coughing and it is terrible and breathing. His breathing is not normal but it has improved. I am told that this new pill has some questions about it and I know the side affects being the Cat will be more hungry and sleepy. Freddy is both.

So at this very moment he is doing better but our weather is turning and the air is getting heavy and have noticed an increase in his breathing.

I would like to ask anyone if they have had to deal with a Asthmatic cat? Would anyone be able to give me more insight to this Feline Asthma. I didn't even know they could get this. It is news so many people I know.

I keep the dust down in the cottage the best I can and we did change his cat litter. I really don't know what else to do. People do not smoke in our cottage. It is so hard to see your pet like this. It just about killed me when Freddy would have an attach like this. I can not put him through this much longer. It isn't right to do. I am told that Freddy long term outlook is not the best and I have come to this realization and will do what is right for my Freddy. Hard as that is Freddy is what matters.

So if anyone can give me some thoughts I would appreciate this very much. I certainly would not hold anyone to whatever is said. I am only asking for some help to understand this Asthma. I know people with this and I know how hard it gets for them.

Thanks for listening and any help...... :sad:

May 30th, 2005, 05:20 PM
I can't comment on this in cats but have seen similar in Horses. We had two that needed the mask with the puffer and a combination of drugs for 6 months. Then winter came and things died down. At the beginning of Spring, one of the horses had no recurrence, the other did but with a month of treatment was fine. Now it seems only on incredibly muggy days he needs the mask puffer setup. Sometimes their systems just need some help to cope and they build up a bit of immunity. I hope it's the same for Fred.

May 30th, 2005, 05:25 PM
Asthma has to have a would be to find what this trigger is and get rid of it. I don't know if cats can have allergys and asthma to food, but I would ask your vet about this. I would also ask about getting an allergy test. It could be something as simple as being allergic to the detergent you use, or a type of fabric (animals can be allergic to cottons and nylons and other materials as well...)

Just so you know, the "ventolator" is a "rescue" medication only. It does not cure the problem, it masks it. It is like giving tylenol to someone with a broken arm, it stops the pain, but doesn't heal the broken arm.

A famous super model died because she was taking her rescue inhaler only, and it masked an attack that killed her. You need to find out what is causing the asthma to stop it. Like I said, the ventolator is only a temp solution and is NOT reducing the inflamation in the lungs. It temporarily relaxes the airways making them bigger, but the imflamation stays the same.

I have severe asthma so I know what it is like. If I don't take a regular steriod inhaler (not the rescue kind) daily, I get a buildup of inflamation and mucous within hours of missing the dose.

What is the inhaler your vet gave you just in case it is not a rescue, but a steriod?

I would serious.y suggest allergy testing. I didn't know I was allergic to cockroaches and fleas, most trees and grasses until I had the test.

Has you vet done any blood tests or anything else?

freds mom
May 30th, 2005, 06:49 PM
Thank you for your thoughts. It is steroid inhaler we are using. I did make sure I knew what this was before agreeing to this next step. We have done a full gambit of Blood tests, twice now, which is what confused us at the start. Fred is in good condition which is making this so hard.

We have looked into possible triggers in our home and have cleaned every inch on it with a environmental cleaner and one we know doesn't bother Freddy. I have serve allergies myself so we have always been cautious to what we use as a cleaner etc. We live in the country so things like this are important to us and not to pollute our lands and lakes. It is also why we left the big city life. The air there was actually killing me, honestly. I am in poor health to begin with, MS along with a few other things. I only go into that city when I have my treatments.

This new pill we are on is an antihistamine etc and it has helped like I said. Living out in the country side brings many triggers so to find this out will be a challenge not that we would never do. I am not sure if I can put down the name of this pill but if you want to know it let me know. It has helped...

We will do whatever it takes to find out these answers. As my vet said to me, you can go nuts trying to find out what it is. He is right. We are always thinking is it this or that. We have tested Freddy for allergy's and so far nothing. He has to be breathing better to do more.

What I mean about that is going in and doing a biopsy from his lungs. Right now I am saying no to this only because I feel Freddy needs to recover a bit more before thinking about an operation like this. Our Vet agrees with this and also would rather have Freddy on a better level.

They only thing that might be of interest is my neighbor from a few lots over her cat is also coughing. Now I am not sure on how long it has been or what kind it is, what it sounds like. I did tell her about Freddy and both cats do go out on their own. Like with Freddy he isn't out much in the winter and since we have been doing more long hauls Freddy really doesn't go out much at home. He doesn't go out in other USA states ever. We will hold him in our arms and never put ion the ground.

So the last time he was out was with me and down to the water at home. Now he likes to eat grass a lot but knowing he hasn't been well I have stopped him from eating the grass. Nothing is sprayed on that grass. It is our shoreline and no one else is on it.

The neighbors cat is also some what watched as to where it goes also and I am sure he has come over here. They don't normally let their pets over onto other peoples property. I did tell them they should take their cat to the vets to look at you never know. So I am hoping they will take him but they are not the smartest of folks and will no doubt leave it. I hope not but have asked to be informed if their cat has the same thing. It would be interesting to find out.

I have so many ideas from all this my head is starting to hurt trying to figure this all out. My Vet is right, you can go crazy... :confused:

So thanks once again it helps to get other ideas on things. A different way to think. If I can let you know what these new pills are let me know. Being new I don't want to make a mistake..........

May 31st, 2005, 02:14 AM
I had a bit of an idea ..You should ask vet if you can do this .
As I suffer from asthma I take a preventor to pervent the attacks & then I have my inhaler in case I have an attack. I also take these pills. (Singulair 10mg) each day. It realy has helped me alot. I used to get pretty wheezy. Its worth a shot. They are expensive pills but if they work for you, its worth it. Ask the vet about this I hope this helps. :)