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Looking for my beautiful Moluccan Cockatoo

May 30th, 2005, 03:14 PM
I am hoping I can find my cockatoo that was sold by my ex to a man from Brampton Ontario, Canada. During a breakup of our relationship, I came home from work in 1997 and my moluccan cockatoo Toby was gone :mad: . I was told that she was sold to a man from Brampton, Ontario and I would never see her again. I really miss my Toby and my life has not been complete since she has been gone :( . I have tried to locate her throu every message board available to no avail. Can anyone on this message board help me please? I have 3 Moluccan's and 1 Goffin now but Toby is still missing and my lovely flock will never be complete without her :confused: .
I want to know how she is,if she is still alive, and if the owner who bought her would be willing to sell her back to me? If I can't have her back I would settle for a chance to see her again and to know that she is ok :love: .
Here are some peticular's about her sale that I was told by my ex after I took him to court for Toby: She was sold to a gentleman with a little boy from Brampton, Ontario, Canada, she was sold by a man in Bradford, Ontario Canada, he may have been with a woman when sold. I was told that this man had a silver minivan in which Toby, and her cage were loaded into and drove away with myself not being able to at least say goodbye to her. If anyone in bought a moluccan Cockatoo in 1997 from a man in Bradford Ontario please contact me. I just want to know my baby Toby is ok and happy.Please help me end my search for my Toby,I have tried avain vets, bird clubs to know avail. I really miss her even thou I have other moluccan's, they will never be my Toby! They will also remain my baby's but Toby has a special place in my heart since she was my first cockatoo. Can anyone help me locate my Toby?? :ca:

May 30th, 2005, 03:38 PM
I would suggest you drive around to all the vets in Brampton and post notices on their boards. That way people coming and going would see the posts. I doubt the vets would know just by calling if they treated your bird because the new owner probably changed the name, and the vet might not know what it's old name was. There are something like 20 vets and at least 5 vet hospitals in Brampton. Have you contacted the "Brampton Guardian" It's the local paper. Not a lot of people read it, but it is delivered to every home in Brampton unless you request it not to be. Maybe write them a letter or take out an add with a picture. It would be worth the expense.

Here is the link to the Guardian: