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Jumping Problem in my pooch

May 30th, 2005, 08:38 AM
Hey all, This is a pretty neat site. I've been searching old threads but haven't found a similar problem.

I think my "pup" has hurt herself this weekend.
She's an eight year old lab, wolfhound cross that answers to the name POKE!

Sunday morning she had some trouble jumping up into bed, and by this morning she could barely get her front paws up.

I've "massaged" around looking for tender spots, nothing...
She's walking fine, and ran a bit this morning fine. She was a little slow coming up the stairs.

We have a 10 month old at home who loves to play with the dog, and poke just lays around and takes the abuse (poor pup).

I'm wondering if maybe the baby hurt her somehow.

Can anyone suggest other exploratory means of determining the injury?

I'm not sure if I should let her rest and recupe, or keep walking her to "loosen things up?

Any advice would be appreciated


May 30th, 2005, 08:52 AM
Please take the the vet a.s.a.p. This sounds like a neurological problem - this covers paralysis etc. No amount of massaging will solve this.

May 30th, 2005, 09:37 AM
I agree with SnowDancer, you should take her to the vet. It could be many things, but if she is refusing to jump, there is something obviously hurting her. It could be arthritis or even a disk that is bothering her.

My dog started to do the same thing about a year ago. We knew that she has osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. It was agravating her and so she refused to go up or down stairs and would not jump, not even to greet us and give us kisses. Ever since she has been taking her meds she has been doing great.