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Oh man im a mess.

May 30th, 2005, 08:17 AM
Life is so busy and crazy I cant even keep things straight anymore.

I thought that my sons appointment with the developmental ped. was tomorrow

turns out its thursday,

I also thought I had my root canal this tuesday and its next

I forgot when fathers day is, tho I now realise its on the 19th

all in the course of the week i ahve this going on,

Sams neuter
Issacs dr appointment
the Baby's check up.
my follow up to some xrays etc that i had done.
my root canal gets finished.
my brother coming over to do some repairs i needed done
not to mention hubby gets paid and i gotta do the normal running around associated with that.

I think i overbooked myself, and with the stress with issacs appointments i forgot about everything else till today, oops

I just hope i end up where i should be at the right day and times.


May 30th, 2005, 05:30 PM
ooohhhhh i hear ya sister,

i dotn even have kids and barely have time to scratch i do worry if i could even manage kids in my life, i ahve way to mcu hto do without meeting kids needs, over here we call it 'runnin around like a blue arsed fly" :D

and what really gets me, my husband does not think running around paying bills and shopping on pay day is anything stressful or hard, it drives me crazy. yes i get to shop, wel lthat is inbetween runnign to the office, meeting clients, running to water plants for the WWF, keeping him fed and the house done, and god knows what else not to mention to get anywerhe here you ahve to drive between villages so it takes at least 10min between each, may not seem much but when you add it up i can be driving hours a day running abck and forth. gtrrrrrrrrrrr

ah now that better, thanks for the vent, now im off to do the washing, finish the ironing, do the dishes, i have jsut walked the dog and made lunches, i will then proceed to spend about 4hours catching up on a few reports whilst trying to get a few thigns picked up and putting washing out, i will go to a 2 hr meeting this arvo, get some groceries, do dinner and then spend the evening reading over he reports of the day. kids boy oh boy where will they fit?

i dont know how you do it all, hats of to all you mums out there and a big one to all the single mums, my sister has two kids, 10yo and 3yo, she works full time at a newspaper and has no family or real support where she lives. and she still manages to get the dishes done, now that jsut amazes me, she makes me so proud. :love: .

now ladies, off to work for us ay.