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Anyone else find this scary?

May 30th, 2005, 12:46 AM
I stumbled onto this speech. It is from the Privacy commisioner of Canada in 1995. The speech itself isn't dog related, except for one example:

" Not too long ago, public servants were privately demonstrating the power of a new geographic information system (GIS) program. With the GIS program and a legally-obtained municipal database, they identified the home of every person who owned and registered a pit-bull terrier in one western city. They found that pit-bull owners were clustered in one low-income neighbourhood.

Critics who think our privacy concerns overblown may say, "So what? What does it matter that anyone knows the name or breed of your dog?" They miss the point...."

May 30th, 2005, 09:46 AM
yikes.... :eek:

May 30th, 2005, 10:02 AM
My jaw droped while I read it! :eek: As an aside I have always suspected that Bryant went so hard and heavy after 'Pit bulls" for his chosen "Scape goat" in large part because of their reputation, but also because he beleved that the stereo typical owner would be low on the socio-economic totem pole! the weeker the victim the better. It was Clayton Ruby and the dream team pros that assembled themselves against BSL that he wasn't ready for! People that assume they have democratic rights and privacies are sorely mistaken and it is teririfieng. Another example, our co-op makes up for one poll in the riding, we vote over 90% NDP, Tony Ianno {Fiberal} won the election in this riding and it has been made very clear to us that we can expect no help, weather as a co-op or the individuals that live here from his office! So much for the sacred privacie of the vote! And so much for politicians doing there job for alll of their constituants!

May 30th, 2005, 10:26 PM
It isn't necessarily Bryant who is buying into the stereo-type (no, I'm not defending him), but rather him counting on the general public buying into it. At the same time, I think you'll find that the owners of pitbulls who viciously attack (not bite or nip), do tend to follow a trend. Drug dealers, gang bangers, etc. people who want a dog with a reputation, or are using the dog for protection, those tend to be the ones that do attack. The lawyers, doctors, cops, bank managers, etc people who own pits are the ones that the majority of people don't associate with the dog. Why? Media, misinformation, and opportunistic politicians like Bryant. Ever since the crap started with the BSL, it's funny how sensitive I am to noticing pits. In the movies, commercials, down the street. And you know what? It's more often the people who don't fit the stereotype that have them, not the other ones. Also, when I am with someone, they usually say, "Really? I didn't think that was a pit". EXACTLY! We aren't in a "rough part of town", or the person on the end of the leash doesn't look like they were in a bad fishing accident with a face full of piercings, only outnumbered by thier tattoos (not saying there's anything wrong with that).

May 31st, 2005, 12:29 AM
It just goes to prove that you can prove anything you want with a bunch of cooked statistics. (But we all knew that!)

(I wonder how the Registered Staffys :eek: fit into those demographics? They may be 'Pit Bulls' by legal definition in the same western city, but are they:
'all owned by poor people & located in one specific area'?? :confused: And if they can't really define a Pit Bull now, how did they do it in 1995?) :rolleyes:

There are lies & damned lies. I guess we have to pick which is the bigger lie & who are the biggest liars?!) :D

May 31st, 2005, 11:11 AM
It isn't necessarily Bryant who is buying into the stereo-type (no, I'm not defending him), but rather him counting on the general public buying into it.
Yes, I would agree with most of your statement, I still think he partially bought into the stereo-type of the owner at the beginning, but when he saw who the kind of people were who began to organize he was quite surprised, anyway well never know what a pr. like him is thinking for sure cause none of us have that kind of
EVIL lurking in our minds! But he and Fantino certainly went out of there way to paint a picture of owners of Pitties as "Hells Angels or Malvern Boys" I wasn't going to go to the hearings on the last day because I was too depressed, knowing what the outcome would be, but when I saw Fantino on the news, I was outa here in a flash just to be in the hearings representing the "non-crimminal element! I was shaking like a leaf and didn't even recognise the woman who works at my vets office, I was so upset, luckily she was there to calm me down! I know what you mean about peoples expectaions, very often folks don't think that Rocky is a "pitbull" type dog cause we are in a nice area and I am a "nice person" or so it would appear LOL Oh yeah and Rocky is a very nice dog, Can you imagine Afriendly pit bull!!!!! LOL And when I tell them he WILL be affected by the ban they look completely baffled. Thats my one big hope, when people see dogs that they have previously had positive interactions with, being tortured by this ban, minds will start to change PLEASE GOD???!!!!