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a baby bird i found

May 28th, 2005, 07:31 AM
Yesterday at about 4:00 i found a baby bird on the road with alot of cars passing by. There wasnt any areas around that were away from busy roads so i took the bird to the pet value that was near and they told me i should take it to the vet to ask what i should do with it. At the vet they said they didnt really know what to do with it because they were a cat and dog vet. I had to go to work so i brought the bird with me. It cant fly and ive been feeding it bread mushed up in water. I dont know what to do with it, there was no mother around and i know if its out on its own a cat will get it. does anyone have any advice?

May 28th, 2005, 07:48 AM
Meggie,I have brought baby-birds to the Humane Society,their future is uncertain,but it was the only thing I could do.
Parentbirds will look after a baby even if it is on the ground,but if he cannot fly chances are it will be killed.
Since yours was found on the road,more than likely a bird of prey dropped him,I've seen it happen with Crows.
You could keep him,feed him.What kind of food,depends on what kind of gets fed worms..
Then when he's strong enough,developed enough,he might be able to fly...
Baby-birds eat constantly and need to be kept very warm,so it's quiet a responsability,wish I could give you more useful answers..