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Shooting Dogs and Cats in N. ON (again)

May 27th, 2005, 08:04 PM

Okay, so I live in the middle of nowhere and somehow have managed to get stressed to the max. At this very instant my hubby is up in a helicopter fighting a huge forest fire (fun Friday night for both of us now).

Anyways, so I decide to run to the grocery store for something to do rather than sit home and worry, and there is a picture of one of my neighbour's dogs on the bulletin board - "Found tied to a tree (I have paraphrased the location) by a lumber road in the middle of nowhere. Nice dog, very friendly. Call the pound if you know who owns it, or are interested in adopting it.".

Let me point out that I noticed that this dog has been missing from their yard for nearly a month!!! POOR THING!!! Never mind the no food/water thing, but in the depths of black fly season too! Geeze!! And he is just over a year old!!! POOR BABY!!

Here's the story... After pooping and peeing and tearing up grass in our yard the dog tore out a string of fence. That is when my husband knocked on their door and told them to tie up their dog better. She said "We've been trying to give him away, I guess it's time Ron went and took him into the bush and shot him.". My husband then said "Look lady don't go murdering your dog over our cheap fencing. Just tie him up better.". So they did and he cried and howled constantly. Suddenly no more dog - bed and bowl still there, but no more dog.

Our town pound has a 3 day rule - they keep 'em for 3 days and then drive them out to the dump and shoot them and toss them in. I have been working on creating a foster ring here so that when people go to the larger centres they can drop a few would-be-doomed critters at the shelters.

I drove by the pound and there was a food and water bowl there all filled but no dog. I hope that I am not too late to help this poor guy :sad: .

I also just heard another horror story yesterday - family had the municipal gun guy take their cat to be killed at the dump. he kept it in the cage and shot it 3 times, then tossed it into the landfill. Six months later the cat appears back home - decrepit, but very much alive. Lived 2 years longer with the family who had initially sent it to it's anticipated doom.


Sorry for my rant, but I somehow feel better having purged all of this crap that get's me SO worked up. Thanks for listening. :(

May 28th, 2005, 11:49 AM
OMG - I can't believe that people do that. The poor cat that was shot amazes me. The poor thing lived and even returned to the people who arranged for the agony the poor thing suffered. I hate people more and more, the more I learn about them.

May 28th, 2005, 04:52 PM
Loraxp - I am also too familiar with the daily tragedies that occur "up north" as a means of population control. The inhumane and horrific methods of reducing the overpopulation of dogs and cats is acceptable and common place up north. There is no concern or compassion for helpless, innocent animals, they are simply viewed as a nuissance that need to be disposed of.

The first time I was up north, I witnessed heartless acts of brutality, I was only 13 at the time, both powerless and traumatized by what I saw. It has never left me and I hate speaking about it but I will share this story:

I had never seen so many dogs run loose, most of them ownerless - relying on their own will to survive and ability to scrounge around for food. It was a paradise for me because these dogs, although abandoned and beaten (or worse) were miraculously friendly and became my friends. To make a very long, heartwrenching story short, I convinced my Mother to buy dog food and feed these starved dogs. They came in droves and many of them dying of hunger needed to be cuddled/loved more than anything. A few of my favorites became my instant companions and followers, 1 a pup who supposedly had a home but was never allowed inside, I called White Fang. Another, Max who also supposedly had a home but only when her owner came home from college. White Fang followed me anywhere and one day followed me into town, he played with the other roaming dogs and when I last saw him he was running to meet me, only to be run-over by an uncaring individual. The driver had plenty of time to stop but didn't and instead ripped away my closest companion. When I had to leave Max behind later that summer, I thought it would break my heart. The day before I left, she got her leg caught in a trap and I cleaned and bandaged it as best as I could. Months later, I found out that she was going to have puppies but before she did, she disappeared, disposed of like she meant nothing and was worth nothing. These are 2 stories of many heatbreaks that I witnessed up north. They have never left me and never will. The callousness of people who deliberately hurt or kill animals for fun, sport or no reason at all has left me bitter and hateful of mankind. These poor dogs remain true to people regardless - if only we could realize how precious of a gift that is.

Here's my precious White Fang

May 28th, 2005, 04:52 PM
And my darling Max:

May 28th, 2005, 04:56 PM
And a pup, that White Fang adored and Max mothered. This was our last day together before everything was ruined. We were all so happy, the dogs were beyond content, their hunger pangs and loneliness gone, for a short time at least.

May 29th, 2005, 01:44 PM
OMG! I am SO sorry. The worst part is that what you described is exactlly what happens here EVERY DAY. I too am stunned by the number of strays up here. Most are referred to as "reserve dogs", and they are stereo-typed to be crazy, wild, and vicious. People think that the only way to protect themselves is to shoot them - totally ridiculous!!! Just as your story stated, the majority of strays are just in search of food and love.

It burns me up when people take their un-spayed females and tie them up outside to be raped by any males that happen along. Breaks my heart. Then the owners say "I don't understand... I never let her off of the leash... I was responsible... there is no way she should be pregnant!". Then they drown the pups. Dumb-@sses is a huge understatement.