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boundary training using ultrasonic device

May 25th, 2005, 03:49 PM
Has anyone ever tried using an ultrasonic device to curb their dogs unwanted behaviour? I have one kicking around and used it to stop my dog from barking, and it had some effect, but not much. I ended up switching to the citronella collar, which worked well for a while, but she grew accustomed to that. Funny, the thing that finally worked the best, and still does, is a squirt bottle from the dollar store :p I just have to show it to her and she clams up!

My latest issue is with the neighbour's escapee dog, Jo, who likes to wander the neighbourhood. Neighbour refuses to build a fence. Trust me, everyone has ganged up on him and there is a lot of strife over this. I have suggested:

a fence
invisible fence
tethering her for short periods only
leaving her in the house
letting me play with her in his absence, (my favourite, but I'm not always home or available :p and my hubby says it's his responsiblility

And just about anything else to prevent this dog from "visiting" where she is not safe or necessarily wanted. Threats have been made and I worry about this dog dearly. Owner is aware of the friction and is rather lackadaisical when it comes to actually doing something about it. Doesn't want fence to obstruct view; doesn't have much $$ for invisible fence. Perhaps someone out there has a used invisible fence system they would care to part with? His yard is fairly small, but sufficient for a dog to have a blast in! I can't pay for everything for this dog, as she is not mine and my husband is getting more and more angry because I do so much to help her. I know he is not the type that should own a dog, but, alas, he does, and I have been guiding him the best I can, to the point of being a real pest! :evil:

I thought if the Dazer was successful if used with positive reinforcement, (means the owner would actually have to be out there with the dog, as opposed to just opening the door and letting her out!) that this might be a solution to the problem of wandering off property. I would show him how to use it properly and maybe, just maybe, she will relearn her boundaries. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated??