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Calling All Shelters/rescues!

May 21st, 2005, 03:12 PM

Did you ever notice that all cat and dog beds are pretty high priced? You'll be very lucky to find one less that $20..

I have came up with the idea of "Sewn with love." Hand made cat/dog beds. Depending on which bed you buy it will be $5-20(more for customized). Ofcourse people with pets can buy but the main purpose will be for...animal shelters! There will be no charge for shelters. People with pets can buy them and choose the size, material, words put on(pets name), ect...Half of every dollar will go to an animal shelter of your choice(from our list) and the other half will go into buying the materials. You can also buy a bed or stock for a shelter.

I would love to hear from people and your input. Also shelters!! What do you think?

Thanks a bunch!

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