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My neighbor's pit bull

May 19th, 2005, 01:26 PM
We have some neighbors that just moved into our subdivision a couple of months ago. They have a pit bull that they were keeping in the house and the guy would take him out and walk him, etc.. Fine, but then they said that he got loose once and bit someone. I walked by the other day and the dog was tied to their front porch with a leash and he was barking and lunging at me. Ok, whatever, I'm not afraid of him.

But now they have him in a pen in their yard, all the time. I am home all day so I know it's not just in the morning and then in the evening, he's out there all the time. That is the last thing you would want to do, especially to a dog like that, am I right? I mean, my kids and everyone else's in the neighborhood play outside and what's to keep that dog from digging out and hurting someone or someone's pet? Should I say something?

May 19th, 2005, 02:00 PM
By all means hun, if you are concerned DO say something! Just becareful how you say it! Obviously, I don't know what your neighbours are like so you must be careful yourself. Seeing as though the dog did bite someone, I would totally be concerned.

Are there any by-laws where you live in regards to Pit Bulls?

And yes, if the dog is in a kennel all day, every day and gets no exercise -- that is a bad, bad situation. The dog will try to escape to release it's frustrations. Really makes me wonder why it would have bit a person unless it was out of fear. But we don't know the whole scenario so we'll never know.

May 19th, 2005, 02:01 PM
YOur neighbours dog is a dangerous one because obviously they are keeping this dog from being properly socialized. Unfortunantly I dont think its illegal to keep a dog out side. And you said apparently bit someone. Maybe you can check with the local spca if this is true.

Any dog left outside contantly on a leash is a dangerous one. A chained dog is always a dangerous dog.

Is the pen in their backyard? Is their yard fenced and then hes in a pen?

I would just talk to them about it. And when approaching make sure you don't just make a case for the dog harming someone but for the dogs well being also.

And don't refer to the dog as a pit bull to these people or else
they will feel like you are just picking on them. Approaching people tactfully is the key and if your gone say a dog like that and stuff like that they could get offended .....

May 19th, 2005, 03:15 PM
Oh, I am not picking on him because he's a pit bull and I know it's not illegal to keep a dog outside, but this particular dog, given the fact that he did bite someone, should not be kept out where he his unattended. No, their yard is not fenced in, the dog is just in one of those chain link pens you can buy. And I've seen many a dog dig out of those, no matter what the breed. I wouldn't say "pit bull" or "dog like that" to them, I know how to talk to people and not be offensive. I can usually get away with criticizing someone without them even noticing that was what I was doing. But I don't think there is really any good way to approach them on it without sounding like I am picking on them, because there are people in our neighborhood who leave their dogs out 24/7, loose. The difference is they have never bitten anyone. If they had, I'm sure the police or animal control would have been called in a heartbeat, because that's just how some of my neighbors are. I don't want to cause any trouble, I just don't want that dog getting out and hurting someone. I don't understand why they even have him if they're just going to keep him in that pen??

I don't even know what by-laws are, so I don't think there are any regarding pit bulls or any other animals in our area.

May 19th, 2005, 03:43 PM
Are they ever outside where you might me able to make "small talk" with them and then start talking about their dog, just to see how they feel about their own dog??

Just a suggestion! :D

May 19th, 2005, 04:16 PM
In the US, since we don't have by-laws as such, they are normally called ordinances and they vary from state to state, town to town. I think that US laws just state if the dog has food, water and shelter they are not in violation. Is the crate left in the sun all day? That might be a reason for the local authorities to come and look at it. Otherwise, you might wait to see them in their yard and maybe approach it as a question about training. Like asking them if the dog is confined because he is in training (of course, the only thing that will train the dog to do is be aggressive - and that might be what the owners are after). I agree that they should not have a dog, of any breed, if they are going to leave it locked up all the time - poor thing! :sad: I hope that you find a good way to approach them and hopefully they will do something positive with what you tell them!

May 20th, 2005, 02:44 PM
They have a canopy over the top of the pen so he's not in the sun all day. But the poor thing, all he does is lay there and sleep. I hardly ever see him up. Maybe he's too lazy to dig his way out, I dunno. But you never know when he might see another dog or something and want to get to it so bad that he does dig out. I don't let Sophie out without a leash anymore unless it's just outside to pee in the mornings and I'm right there with her. I carry her out so sometimes when I'm half asleep I forget the leash until I'm already out in the yard. But when the grass is cold and wet she just pees and runs back in anyway.

But my kids do play outside, riding their bikes, etc...

May 20th, 2005, 05:02 PM
i have found the best wayto give critisism is that old 'two positivies and then the negative' it works every time. ie beautiful dog, so well behaved and then hit witht he i was jsut worried about his/her safety such as kids teasing or such, turn it into a concern issue for the dog...... :D