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need advice from those over the pond (great Brittain)

May 18th, 2005, 03:53 PM
I know a few people here are either living there or are from there, so I thought I would ask.

My best friend (the one who I am doing her wedding cake for in August) is pregnant. She is due around Christmas. She has decided at this time that she is going to move back to Britain after she gets married here in Canada, and have the baby there. It could change, but right now that is the plan.

Therefore, since she will only be here for about 3 weeks for the wedding and all, we were thinking of having a dual baby shower and wedding shower for her.

Problem is, we can't really buy her anything here as it will be hard to send back to Britain. It would be cheaper to buy here though, and ship it, so that's still an options.

She has basically asked for cash for gifts for the wedding because that's all they really need right now.

I had a brilliant idea though. What if we were to buy an onine gift certificate for a store over there so she wouldn't have to worry about the cash? Her mom thought it was a great idea so I said I would investigate it. Her mom said also if we find a place online that is local there and will ship to them, she could buy some stuff online and get it sent to her.

Anyone know any stores over there that are online as well, where I could purchase a gift of gift certificate for her? I don't know any!

Last I heard she was living in Durham.