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Companion Animal Welfare Task Force London Ontario

May 18th, 2005, 01:43 PM
Here's what's now going on this week in London regarding pet welfare and the Animal Care (formerly Animal Care and Control) service that is in cahoots with the city of London. It is a FOR-PROFIT organization that has a very bad reputation and a high kill rate, especially cats! :eek:

Their contract expires in November '05 and many many people would like to not have this group reissued the contract for the next 5 years as is a possibility, rather, they would like to see it given to a not-for-profit group (Humane Society?) that tries much harder to adopt animals and returns lost one to their rightful homes. As it stands, unclaimed animals are given 3 days (?) and then pts! as they become property of ACC. I just heard today that it is likely that they sell the animals to the hospital for research purposes :sad:

*****some graphic news*****

No volunteers are on hand to assist with care and companionship or to walk the dogs; there are no dog runs for the dogs, only the cages that the dogs use for toilets and housing; no rescue organization is allowed to work with them to take cats/dogs out if their time is "up", just heart puncture euthanasia, which ACC claims has ceased for months, (after much public pressure and some employees came forth and spoke out publicly!!) And they call themselve Animal CARE!! All in all, a very distressing situation, but hopefully some changes will happen with the Task force. The president of my group, London Dog Owners' Ass'n, is on the task force and will update me, then I, you, about the meetings and their outcomes this week. More to follow....