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PB owners protest in sydney

May 15th, 2005, 05:25 PM
a protest was held yesterday, the owners of all PBs were turned away form the charity dog walk and triend to protest, they were turned back before they got to the gates.

Pit bull owners organise protest
By Mark Skelsey
PIT bull terrier owners have been warned they could endanger animals and people if they press ahead with plans to hold a major rally at a communal pet walk tomorrow.

Pit bull owners are proposing to rally outside the gates of Centennial Park, where the RSPCA's "Million Paws Walk" will be held.

Some of the 6000 people expected to attend the fundraising communal 5km-long dog walk will have to walk past the pit bull protest to get inside the park's grounds.

The pit bull rally is targeting the RSPCA because it has supported the NSW Government's decision to pass laws banning the breeding and ownership of the species.

Rally organiser Anthony Melman said he was hoping several hundred dog owners would join his protest, likely to be held outside the park's Loch Ave entrance about 9.30am.

He said only pit bull terriers which were "well socialised" would be allowed to join the protest.

Owners of other dogs, such as Staffordshire terriers and German shepherds, who fear their dogs could next be targeted by state laws will also be rallying.

"To call these dogs dangerous breeds is just fiction," he said.

"The RSPCA is the enemy in this debate and we are not going to bow to their wishes."

RSPCA chief executive Bernie Murphy doesn't want pit bulls near his event, designed to raise funds for the organisation and to promote the benefits of companion animals.

"If you have 5000 or so peaceful dogs and then these dogs nearby, then the chance of an attack increases," he said.

"Pit bull terriers do offer a threat to other animals and people."

The Centennial Park Trust has also been made aware of the rally and has posted a note on a dog lovers' forum warning that, under the trust's by-laws, permission is needed before a demonstration can take place.

"I would like to advise that there are a number of activities that are not permitted in Centennial Parklands without the written permission of the trust or director," trust spokeswoman Julie Hunter-Ward wrote on the website.

"If these activities proceed without the required permission, fines will apply."

The rally's organisers had not sought approval for a demonstration by yesterday afternoon, meaning that any protest will need to happen outside the gates

* i own a GSD x, i am very aware of who will be next on the list, they are saying red cattle dogs next, then GSD. this sucks and shows the limited imagination of a good majority of the australian society and public.

last week whilst reading an article on this issue they had the public comments, basically all comments went like this-

'yes i certainly thnk they should be banned, they are killing machines, i have never had anythign to do with PB or meet one but i think they should be banned'

yay go the stupid arrogant redneck majority, crap iam very ashamed and afraid to be an australian to day. what ever happened to our aussie values, who we are, the old concept of 'giving everyone a fair go'. i hang my head in shame and look for ways to hide my dog, crap.....

what has happened to our society......

May 15th, 2005, 06:13 PM
fIm so sorry for your situation Melanie, at least here we have the support of all of the animal organizations!!! Alot of the public is ignorant because of the media and opportunistic politicians but the experts are on side, it must be even harder for yu guys to fight the ban with no one standing for you! :sad:

May 16th, 2005, 09:10 AM
What the hell is this world coming to??? I just don't understand!! :mad: Let the freakin' world worry about INNOCENT Pit Bulls in society that have done no harm and yet they let child molestors and criminals back into society from "rehabilitation" programs every freakin' day!!!! And nine times out of ten these people reoffend!!!! :mad: