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they just removed womans health services here

May 14th, 2005, 06:19 PM
get this, im soooo peeved. in the village i live in , there is the only womans health service unit for the entire region. to use another is about a 50min drive at least, well thats if you own a car. otherwise its a real hike.

well i get a letter yesterday explaining the nurse has resigned and she will not be replaced, and there will no longer be any womans health services in the region, and we only have male doctors at the medical clinic. the womans health ctr provides so many service, for womans health and babies.

i am jsut absolutly furious, that jsut sucks soo much. this is not a rich area, many woman here are single mothers on welfare, jsut imagine if you had to travel over 1.5hrs on public transport with several small children, jsut to see the womans health nurse, it is just a disgusting crime against woman here if you ask me.

how many woman will now deny thier health due to the severe inconvinence caused, not to mention the waiting times of the other health centres due to the additional large number of woman needing the service form this region. and the pressure now depositied on other service providers in the neighboring regions, womans health in this country is poor enough, now it gunna get worse. i for one wont go to male doctors, for may resons, so now i have to travel to.

sadly it is hard not to see this as a move by those who would desire a patriachally ruled society, where woman are kept in their place, in their tiny little boxes to be found ever grateful for any bone they happen to throw our way. I AM JUST FURIOUS. :mad:

May 14th, 2005, 08:12 PM
Welcome to my world.

Bottom takes money to survive.

May 14th, 2005, 08:23 PM
That sucks, but I know what you mean about female docs. I will go to a male doc if needed, but I love my female doc. She is great. However, I do have to travel more than 1.5 hours on public transit to see her. There are possibly doctors closer, but she is near where I used to work, and I would rather travel to her then switch.

Where I used to live, nothing was close by, and you had to take transit everywhere (never had a car). I just got used to it. My mom raised us without a car in the burbs, and she took us on the bus all the time. I can't imagine what that was like for her. 3 kids under 7.... with groceries and stuff...

One day either all the health systems across the world will "get it" and work on better care, or fall apart. I'm leaning towards the latter.

May 14th, 2005, 10:48 PM
Where are you at anyways?
I agree, ti is completely wrong for them to be cutting the services of the Womens Health.
Myself, I have a male doctor who I have always gone to, have only gone to an OB for a problem and surgery. Then back to my regular doctor.
Just wondering where you are at, if there is other professionals in the area that help with pregnancies and childbirth (i'm thinking Midwives)

May 15th, 2005, 12:15 AM
Male doctors simply can't relate. I need a doctor who can relate to me. A friend of mine was on a bad pill and she bled for 3 YEARS. The man dr kept brushing her off saying it's nothing to worry about. I finally got her to go to mine and she was actually surprised that my dr considered this an EMERGENCY!!! Any woman knows you're not supposed to bleed every day for 3 years straight!!! I would never go to a man gyno. NEVER. I did once and never ever ever again. What boy grows up wanting to be a gyno? An OB, maybe, but a gyno?

Sorry for your cruddy situation... We get some of it here (not as bad) because of the exodus of Drs to other provinces and to the states...

Cactus Flower
May 15th, 2005, 01:16 AM

Why not go to a man?

If it weren't for a MALE ob/gyn who helped me when no one else would (I was uninsured at the time), I might not be sitting here typing this. I won't post all the details, but it involved a bad biopsy and a county full of doctors (female, mind you) who wouldn't even let me walk in the door without cash payment IN FULL.
This MAN not only let me in the door, but performed a hysterectomy on me two days after my office visit with him- knowing I couldn't pay for it . And no, he didn't just help me for self-promotion. He is a doc in Colorado with as busy a practice and good a reputation as one could hope for. He just wanted to help, and knew I needed it ASAP.
He is as skilled, compassionate and caring as any female doc I've ever known or heard of.

A male doctor delivered my son, too, and did a fine job, indeed.

You don't have to have a uterus to be a good and understanding ob/gyn.

You don't have to have a prostrate to treat prostrate cancer, either, right?

All you have to have, to be a good doctor in ANY field, are excellent skills and a big heart.

Couldn't you save yourself the long trip and aggravation, and give one of the male docs a chance?

Prin- I know someone who was inspired to become an ob/gyn doc because his Mother died of an ovarian tear/infection that her gyno misdiagnosed. It's not fair to assume the men in the business are somehow twisted for wanting to be in it.

There are good docs and bad docs in every field, male and female.

May 15th, 2005, 04:54 PM
i live in australia about 2.5 hours south of sydney, NSW. i live in a village of about 500ppl but we are surrounded by other villages that depend on the service. it is also a very poor area.

the only reson i dont go to male doctors is i have never been to one other than for a cold or such. over here we usually have great womans health services, i have only ever been treated by woman my entir life (they dont employ men for womans health services). so i suppose i jsut never have, i just prefer girls thats all. but i have no doubt male drs are wonderful and just as talented, i jsut never went to one is all.

also womans health is free, you often have to pay the normal doctors and it can be pretty expensive (they also sell the pill of all varieties at a discounted price, its subsidised). bloody health services, honestly karin i dont know how you cope, i would have gone mad with frustration by now.

womans health is also set up strictly for woman, they often cater to many issues and problems experienced by all woman of different demographics, its jsut a nice comfy female dominated place (now that shows my true colors :D ).

oh well i suppose i have no real choice, and i had better get used to male drs now, it certainly is not going to get better out here.

i have heard there is an older gyno here that is male and is a wonderful man, i was thinking about going and having a chat to his nurse today, buggered if i can drive up to an hour for an app, and they have a 6mth waiting list.

the biggest bummer is we had the most wonderful nurse at womans health her name was fatima, and she was the sweetest, informed and caring lady i have really ever had the pleasure to meet. i hope she gets another job........

oh well, i suppose nothing is perfect and it6 happens the world over really, thanks for listening to me guys and my frustrations. i appreciate the ear :grouphug: