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Whale Slaughter..need help

Crazy Hippie
May 13th, 2005, 07:59 PM
Hey everyone,
I'm a member of Greenpeace and I've recently received an email regarding a new whale meat factory which the Korean government is planning to build. I will post the email below for your perusal...there is a link to go to as well, and all you have to do is fill out your name and address and click "send" and you will be taking a small part in putting a stop to the whale slaughter:

I hope it is ok to post this..since everyone here obviously cares so much about animals, I thought it would be a good place to spread the word. Here is the email I received, just so you can get some background info (if you wish):
The Korean government is planning to build a whale meat factory in the city of Ulsan - the first step toward a resumption of whaling.

In response, we established a "Whale Embassy" to spread the word to the local community and force the mayor to cancel his plans. But Korean officials have rolled out the unwelcome wagon, ordering us to vacate our newly-established whale embassy...and fast. They have given us until Monday, May 16 to leave the site. But we're not going anywhere until they scrap their plans to build the whale meat factory.
City officials are not at all happy with us tarnishing their reputation as the "city of whales" with our suggestion that Ulsan is actually heading toward becoming the "city of whaling." Perhaps the name is a reflection of the amount of whales that are "accidentally" caught each year and sold for profit. In 2003, Korea and Japan individually caught more whales by accident than all the fishing fleets in the world combined reported.

There have already been several attempts at intimidation - both official and unofficial - against our activists. We need your help to convince Ulsan's Mayor, Mr. Park Maeng-woo to allow our activists to maintain their non-violent protest and, more importantly, to stop the construction of the whale meat factory. Monday, May 16 is fast approaching, please take action now.

May 14th, 2005, 05:57 PM
dear friend,
thank you very much for sharing that info with us, there are plenty around here who would appreciate being kept abrest of such issues and problems. as you know for many of us there are to many issues and not enough hours in the day or hands to help so feel free to keep us updated.

thank you for highlighting this issue, as an australian things have just hit the fan with whaling so this will be an interesting ride.

do you have any links for either support pages or petitions etc for this plight?? it would be appreciated. i for one will do all i can to help, they are about to slaghter babies in my very own seas, that is just not acceptable or ethically viable. i am looking for these sites myself but any direction would be very cool.

you may have heard they are starting to hunt in aussie waters again, its a dam shame, but as many know our own government does not have the guts to do anythign about it, here is a small article i found today-

HERE- FOR the first time in 30 years, the majestic humpback whales Sydneysiders now call their own face slaughter for restaurant menus in Japan.

The Japanese Government has lodged a secret application to extend its annual cull of whales - for "scientific purposes" - to include humpbacks.
While the Federal Government last night denounced the plan as grotesque, it admitted Australian patrol boats would refuse to board Japanese vessels to stop the slaughter.

Instead, Canberra hopes the matter can be resolved at the diplomatic level - but the Japanese have stacked the whaling authority with small island nations who rely on Japanese support.

A decision will be made in a matter of weeks at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission, which could see Japanese whaling ships enter Australian waters off Antarctica to hunt humpbacks.

At the same time, the annual migration of humpback and southern right whales will start appearing off Sydney's beaches.

:mad: what a nightmare and it truly sucks, but our government is currently getting nice and snug in a bed with the japanese so i doubt any action will be taken, it is sad to think we will have to go back to the old days of protesting, when so many ppl risked lives to stop it (weve all seen the old greenpeace footage)..

it is a sad and shameful day for australians, this is it, this is the perfect example of the government we have created by putting dollars before sense, i hang my head in shame......