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Stolen Pit.

May 13th, 2005, 12:04 PM
A few days ago my coworker was sitting in her front yard, when she went back inside she found that her two dogs had gotten out of the backyard. They were a Scottish Terrier and a Pitbull. Of course she and her family started walking around the neighborhood looking for them, knocking on people's doors to ask if they saw them. When she got to a neighbor on the street behind hers the neighbor said that he had seen them, they were walking a street over and a black SUV stoped and picked up both dogs. Only one dog was wareing tags, the pit. The pit is actully my coworkers sons dog. I do not agree with how the dog is kept at all, but that is another story. The Scottie dogs name is Mason, and the Pit is Slim. well she put up signs all over the neighborhood stating reward and that the dog needed his medicine in hopes it would prompt the person to bring them back. Well yesterday a man called and told her he had found a scottish terrier in a storage complex, she went and it was mason so she brought him home. but slim is still missing. He is a completely red pitbull, or staffordshire terrier, they are not sure if he is full bred staff. He is not neutered, and can be fearful of strangers, but loves car rides and will jump into any car he can. They have been checking all the shelters, vets, and pounds they can. also putting up signs and internet ads everywhere. I know mostly everone on here is in canada so i'm not really looking for you guys to help in that way but I was hoping you could just keep an eye out if anyone is in the houston area. Also warn people about leaving their dogs unattended, people don't like to think about it but dogs do get stolen and lord only knows what happens to them. Please everyone be careful about leaving your dogs out alone. My coworker is going through quite a heartbreak.