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getting asia back

May 9th, 2005, 08:38 PM
i don't know if you guys read my profile last month but i said there that i had a yellow lab "asia" which i had to give away last december to my sis-in-law coz we had to move to an apartment that don't allow pets? well, she called me yesterday to say i can get my dog back since they misunderstood me and thought that they're just babysitting for me. I do want her back especially now i have duke. asia is a year old now and guess what she had a scare of water BIG TIME last winter. she almost died on the lake. she fell on the ice and tried to hang on to for 15 mins until someone found her. poor baby :( froze her hind legs....well, THAT gave them a scare. but i can't give her a bath now coz she's afraid of water. guess i have to break her in gently? i have to travel 3 hours to get her. oh well, i don't really know why im writing in here maybe just sharing or whatever. asia developed bad habits while with them. she was a very well behaved pup when she was with me. when they brought her to visit me last febuary i couldnt believe how fast she changed. do you think i can still train her? one example was, i got married febuary and she was one of my flower girls...heehehe....during the reception, she just poked her nose in one of the food....when she was with me, she would never do that. Infact she never goes near the table when she sees us eating. that's only one bad habit....the rest i have to find

May 10th, 2005, 12:08 PM
I am so glad that you can take her back now. I am sure that you can 'untrain' anything that she learned while away. Good Luck! :)