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How to Introduce Kitten to Retreiver

May 5th, 2005, 12:54 PM
Well, I have finally convinced my mother that males are NOT bad, and have found a 4 week old buff that I will hopefully be bringing home at 8 weeks.
I know all the supplies, I know all the costs, but have never introduced a kitten to a dog. I also have two cats, 1 6 yr female, Haylee and 11 yr old female, Zeppo. This will be my first boy 4 legged!

Justice has been around a few kittens previously, in pet stores when I take her with me, and she just smells them, and lets them play with her. She doesn't try to mouth at them, or even chase when they got excited.
Just wondering how to do the inital introduction.

They will be left alone together sometimes, but Justice is crated when alone, the cats roam free, so the same will happen with this new guy.
How should I introduce him to the family/ Should I give him a safe place to hide or... ?
Just not sure, as i'm sure introducing to puppy is differen than to cats.
Could only find one thread about kitten to dog and it was a terrier breed with prey instinct .. which Justice doesn't have. She heards, but not the cats.