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Buddy is the best!

June 4th, 2003, 01:27 AM
When I was a freshman in highschool we moved to a country area in Idaho. There were allot of outside farm cats. It was difficult for me to see because I am a huge cat person. I think cats deserve a loving home to come to. My mom disliked cats and would yell at me if I brought them in. I would buy food and feed and care for them well my mom pushed them away. It was confusing to them I was sure. The nieghbors who had several animals got two more cats. The cats were never allowed in the home and food was left outside which the dog would eat non-stop. Buddy and Sport were the names of the cats and they were so cute. Buddy became my favorite. In winter the cats would find any warm place to hide. Buddy would run to our doorstep with a field mouse. His ticket to get in I suppose. My mom started to warm to Buddy. First cat she ever took in. Buddy would walk in and realx. He loves hugs and treats.
My family life was falling apart. My parents were fighting and not just words. There was violence. They tried to protect us from it so everything was wonderful in our family but the truth comes out eventually. I would do things to distract myself from hurt, but it comes in all forms.
Buddy and Sport would always play and run in the field. I was sitting on the grass writing and Buddy came limpimg to me. He had blood on his face and neck. His paw had a small bite on it. I fixed him up. And carried him with me to the field because I thought he could point me in the direction. he was scared. I saw blood and some fur and further down remains that Sport was dead. I grabbed Buddy and ran to the house. I never went to that field again. Buddy was sad and that's when he got into more catfights. He has never gotten along with any animals since. He even is tough with dogs bigger than him which is my guess of his survival. He is very smart in many ways.
My family eventually split and my mom, siblings and I were about to move. I did not want to leave Buddy he loved us more and we took care of him. I went to the neighbors and told them about Buddy and was bold enough to ask if we could have him. Her boys didn't like that. But the mom said "You can have him." Best words ever. I ran home not waiting for a changed answer. I feel he was our cat from the day he was brought.
My mom says he adopted us and I know it's true.