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Just to Update

May 4th, 2005, 12:20 PM
well, Duke is due for his first vet appointment next week. so far he is one healthy throbbing and active boy!!! I think i have to change his food too coz when i got him the store that was nearest to home didnt have anything in their store except for the commercial, cheapy dog food....and its makes him poo a guess what....i had to buy a big bag coz there was no small bag....unfortunately the city is an hour away from me and so il buy him his good food when he goes to his vet...might ask the vet too what's the best food for him.....ALSO, i enrolled him in puppy school which will start 2 weeks from now....pretty excited about it....and kinda expensive its like $30 per 30 mins session....but i think he'll love it....i have been doing a lot of socializing with him....he loves people so far....jumps on anybody's arms....licks them to death!!! He only had 1 day for me to crate train he goes to his crate on his own and sleeps there....i don't need to close the door now coz he's used to it.....and his housetraining...well....we have accidents....he HATES the housetraining spray i got for him....he just jerks away from it.....can't blame the poor really stinks...hahahaha....but he's learning to ask me to bring him out...(if he remembers)...he whines...and go towards the time i left him inside the house for 4 hours...coz i was so engrossed cleaning the yard...he didnt go!!! he waited for me...BUT when he saw could see the relief!!! hehehee...funny boy....well, update you guys pretty soon again...oh i got him a tag from the humane society...thanks for that link i found in one of the boards there....

May 4th, 2005, 02:03 PM
Oh it sounds like Duke is doing great! You are one good mommy, I am very proud of you. Please keep us updated. I would recommend getting him on a good food as well but I am sure you know that. Some vets will recommend Science Diet (Hills) do not put him on that though. Just rememeber no corn or products like that in the first five ingredients. :D Good job! We would love more pictures! :D

May 6th, 2005, 04:07 PM
a friend of mine recommended NUTRAM from maple leaf or FROMM he likes Nutram so far and the pet store gave me samples of FROMM to test if he likes it...i havent reached that yet coz i would prefer to bring him to the vet first...he poos not as often as that cheap food....

oh duke is getting bigger....when we walk you could see the chest is developing already....BUT.... he thinks all the people he meets should suck him up....he's very sociable...and im happy to see that he is....he even follows the mail lady around coz she fed him once with puppy biscuits and he thinks she needs to feed him everytime she just his biting though...although its part of his growing up....i try to divert his attention when he starts biting and even scolding him....he's just hyperactive...the pet store told me to buy him a training halter too....its that kind when he starts something you dont like you just pull on the leash and it closes the thinking about it whether its humane to be leaving it on him the whole day or not...i don't even like the thought having that on him....oh well....more updates after our fist vet visit!!! il post a pic of him later when he wakes's snoring...cute boy.