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Dog Tired....

May 3rd, 2005, 10:33 AM
The new puppy came home on Saturday and I think that I've had maybe 6 hours of sleep since then. :( I am too much of a pushover to crate train so I've been sleeping on the couch and keeping one eye open to watch Hazel. I've been trying to tire her out before bedtime, but it hasn't really been working. If I catch her taking a nap in the evening, I try to wake her up but she sleeps like the dead! You can poke her and play with her feet and squeak her toys right next to her ear and....nothing! If you're lucky she might grunt a little and shift to a different position. We tried barricading her in our bedroom (we don't have a door on our bedroom - long story) but she quickly found an escape route. She slept a little longer between outings last night but decided that it was play time at 3:30 this morning. I played with her until about 4 or so before she was ready to go back to sleep. I am hoping that it doesn't take her long to get used to human time. **as I yawn really big** Does maternity leave cover puppies?? :p

Isn't it funny how we forget how much sleep you lose when you have a new puppy?

May 3rd, 2005, 10:47 AM
You sould check out some of the other threads on crate training and training a new puppy in general.

The situation you've got going on right now--with you sleeping on the couch--does not sound too good. At some point you're gonig to have to go back to the bedroom, and take your puppy with you. You my as well start that now!

Crate training isn't as difficult if you put the puppy in a crate right beside your bed, where he/she can see you and lick your fingers. He won't be happy to be left alone in the living room when you decide to go back into the bedroom...

Just my thoughts on how to improve this situation!

May 3rd, 2005, 10:51 AM
with sam i was sleeping on the couch the first few night too, diddnt work at all.

so we did crate training. it worked really well, very rarely did he whimper as long as we were where he could see and hear us, and he had a warm blanket and diddnt have to pee or poop he was quiet, and slept well.

I was on teh fence about crate training before I got sam, but now im definatly singing the praises of it.

now hes 5 months old and all i ahve to say is bedtime and in the crate he goes willingly, and he actually whines if we dont shut the door, liek his own personal space


May 3rd, 2005, 11:40 AM
It was long and tiring. Both my husband and I had to get up many times a night to deal with our puppy. Even when you are awake, you have to constantly watch the puppy, it's definitely a full time job. I think we should have puppy maternity leaves :p

The good news is: it is going to get better, even though you probably don't see the light at the end of tunnel now.

Crate training is definitely a good idea, but not all puppies like the crate. Mine was home when he was only 7 weeks old so he was afraid to sleep in the crate alone at first. I used a laundry basket with my dirty cloths, a stuffed doggy of his size and a ticking clock, placed right by my bed, so if he whined, I'd get up and take him out to pee immediately, and back to sleep. If he wanted to play a little bit, I'd give him his stuffed toy and sometimes my hand to calm him down, so that I didn't need to actually get up. The laundry basket was proven to be a life saver for us! After a little while, he was able to sleep alone in the crate.

May 3rd, 2005, 11:42 AM
now hes 5 months old and all i ahve to say is bedtime and in the crate he goes willingly, and he actually whines if we dont shut the door, liek his own personal space


eleni: that's so cute! Diego doesn't go in on his own yet, but he falls to sleep in like 2 seconds once he's in the crate, and all the way until my alarm is buzzing.