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Kitty's first time in heat??

June 3rd, 2003, 10:20 AM
My kitten Chii is about 7 months old now and has had some changes this morning I realized when I woke up. She's constantly rolling on the floor and whining. She's fine when I pick up a toy and play with her and her ears are always perked. Is this a sign that she may be coming into her first heat?? Can anyone give me info on this if so? How long it lasts, what to expect and what to do?? Thanks ^-^

June 3rd, 2003, 02:48 PM
We had an embarrassing time when our Buffy was in heat. we were told she was in heat twice already when we got her she was 7 months old.
She tried to jump from the chair to the window sill. the sill is only an inch wide and she fell. My son told me this i was asleep. He said he thought she hurt her mom because she was crying and sticking it up in the air.
I never gave heat a thought and was quite concerned to the point that i was considering a trip to the vet but decided to keep an eye on her.
For two nights straight she woke me up sitting on my chest meowing sticking her bum in the air meowing . Then as i was telling a friend about it and she started to laugh it hit me that she was in heat.
It only last two nights and two days. Then a week later it happened again but she only kept me up one night meowing. And actualy she just woke me up maybe two or three times meowing and i wasnt awake for very long.
I had an appointment for her needle and first checkup but was waiting on getting an other kitten but ended up having to go ahead and take her.
I did get another one year old cat and have taken her for her first needle and checkup too.
So now they both have an appointment to get spayed and their follow up booster.
But I have never been around a cat in heat before as growing up we had a fixed male cat.
Cats are very clean about it. They just meow alot and outdoor cat would want out. Mine meowed only at night. Stuck her bum in the air and stretched like it was in spasm. And would rub her checks against everything. And ofcourse wanted to sit on you lap and get her tummy rubbed.Both my cats were use to be outside cats but I made them inside ones because I live to close to a highway and have had no problems with them crying to get outside.
I hope some of this helps its all I really know about it.

June 3rd, 2003, 09:04 PM
Oh it does! I tried to rub her abdomen while she was rolling on the floor and she just rolled over and stuck her rear in the air, that's a sure sign if you ask me. She still seems as perky and playful when I go for a toy so Ill wait a day or two and see what happens. Thanks for the help!!!