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Urgent! can anyone help injured Racoon?

April 30th, 2005, 11:55 PM

There is an injured racoon in a tree directly across the street from where i work. He has been there for 2 days now. I heard his cries last night, but just thought he was crying out for his family mates(looks young, but not a baby) i came to work tonight only to see that he is still there, and still crying for help, even more so :sad: I do not "see" any injuries on him, but he didn't move when i was close to the tree, and has been there at least 2 days crying, maybe a broken leg?? I called toronto animal services, they cannot help, left a message with THS, but i fear they cannot help either. I called and left a message with toronto wildlife rehab and left a message, but on their answering service it says they are not a pick up service, so unless someone can get this little guy to them, he is stuck up there to die :sad: He is not so far up the tree at all, so a normal size ladder would be fine. If his injuries are something that can be fixed, i find this terrible if we cannot get help to him..i do not have a car, or a ladder, but if someone here does, and is willing to assist me get him down and to toronto rehab i would be grateful!! He is located in toronto, Broadview/danforth area.

Please help!! i feel so helpless watching him suffer up there :sad:

May 1st, 2005, 06:55 AM
It's ok now :thumbs up he got down on his own, with a limp leg, but doesn't seem broken. I threw him up some food, and left some on the ground for him, which he eventually came down for. I hope he will be ok now :)

May 1st, 2005, 08:21 AM
Spurby,I am happy to hear that,I was going to suggest put some food at the bottom of the tree and if he was able to,would most likely come down to eat,but I am glad he did finally manage to climb down :thumbs up
I have coons sleeping in my trees quiet often,they are great climbers.