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English Cocker Spaniels

April 30th, 2005, 11:54 PM
After being an unsuccessful malamute owner and having to put him in a more suitable enviornment I have been doing a lot of research on to what types of dogs would suit us. After a breif fascination with the labradoodle and golden doodle it seems the doodles in the shelters arent anything like the doodles on the website. I got in touch with a dog expert on the web and told him our whole story and asked him to give us some suggestions as to what may work for us. He said to stay away from hounds, terriers, and any sheep or hearding type of dogs. He did reccomend cockers spaniels, poodles, newfoundlands (way too big for us) golden retreivers (still to big). After researching the spaniels and the poodles. I decided that I liked the attributes of the spaniels the best. After deciding against the American Cocker spaniel too many of them and more chance too be poorly bred I had one as a child that was completely neurotic she would bite anyone that was near it and would through herself at the sliding patio door repetitley, there is also one down the street from us that has bitten more than one child around here. Springer Spaniel not reccommended as it as too much energy and not much point unless your going to hunt. I finally have narrowed it down to the English Cocker Spaniel so far this seems to be the right fit for us. A good size for two boys not so big that she can knock them over and not so small they would accidently hurt her or him. Fairly easy to train (at least thats what the web sites all seem to say. A dog that is a natural retreiver and likes human companionship and enjoys spending time with his owners. A dog that I can take on walks, the kids can take on walks (with a parent) and one that they can play with in the backyard and one that we can take to the lake and go swimming in the summer.

So that is the breed that I can see fitting into our life style. I am still in the getting to know the breed stage and I plan to talk to some breeders before any decisions are made we are also going to the Abbotsford dog show to see if there may be anyone that can talk to us about them. There are five English Cocker breeders that I can see here in BC I don't know any of them but am hoping to talk to them all and meet at least some of them. I have also contacted English Cocker Spaniel rescue and told them our story. Anyways thats the breed I can see for us. Anyways my husband still likes the bulldog but I think this choice would be better for us.

We arent ready for this dog just yet so I am going to keep finding out more about them. I don't know if anyone here has one or is familar with the breed but I would love to hear any info or things that I might not know about them.