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My beautiful cat Cocopuff

April 29th, 2005, 06:31 AM
Cocopuff went out last Saturday for her morning stroll and was killed by dogs in her own garden. I have since learned that an irresponsible dog own has been allowing her killer dogs to roam the neighborhood. I went around there the next day and she said she would keep the dogs in. This morning the dogs were running wild and the gate was open when I went to get a view of the open gate to photograph it the dogs went for me and I ran screaming out of the park.
As there are no current laws against dogs killing cats and no witnesses to the attack. I am working through my immense greif to get these dogs stopped before they kill again.
No one had warned me this was going on and the law of what is a dangerous dog states that their must be injuries to a person first. I plan to get another kitten and would like a safe area first.
I can't stop the dogs from killing one cat but hopefully I can stop them before they kill again. ( Cocopuff Sept 28 1997 - April 22nd 2004

April 29th, 2005, 02:55 PM
Catmum, I am so sorry for your sad loss of your kitty. What a terrible thing to happen.
I see you are in England. There is nothing in place to prevent these dogs from running loose? Surely they are a danger, roaming around freely. and if they went for you... this indicates they are people agressive as well. This seems like another tragedy waiting to happen.
I cant imagine why they would turn a blind eye to this threat.
Have you tried calling the police or your city hall and demanding action?

If you do get another kitten, I would certainly advise you to keep him or her safely indoors at all times or only in your garden when you are there to supervise until thie situation is corrected.