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Stormy claiming HIS bed

April 28th, 2005, 02:12 PM
I need suggestions for a problem we've been having with Stormy...
Well first he started peeing in this basket we had for all the cats, it had a sheep skin like cover for it and all the cats would take turns sleeping in it. So I washed the cover, he would be okay for a few days, then he'd pee in it again, then I got rid of the cover and they would still sleep in it, and he still peed in it :( Right in front of us too! When it first started happening we took him to the vet because of all the probs we had with Snooky and the UTI's but he was fine! I kinda figured he was fine cause when he would pee in the basket it was a lot! And perfectly clear. Snooky's were always little amounts and very dark.
Anyway, even though I think the other cats should have their bed, I got rid of the basket and bought a different one, one that could fit more than one cat but of course he had to christen that one too, so it's now trash as well.
Now onto the bigger prob... you guys know I babysit, well I have a pack n play in the basement for naps and Stormy likes it a bit too much :( I've tried lining it with foil when there's no one in it, but he doesn't seem to care, I turn it on it's side and he doesn't care which side he pees on, I tried turning it upside down but it would collapse and there would be spots on the underneath that fill quite nicely with urine.
I may have to pack it up all the time but it's soooo hard to do, I constantly fight with the dang thing and can't even do it right, not to mention I need it sometimes fast! You gals know how when whiney kids are READY for a nap.
I can't clean it with anything too harsh because the kid that normally sleeps in it has bad allergies and is allergic to most cleaners, even dryer sheets and anything with dye in it.
Anyone have suggestions for the pack n play, and also the cat beds??? Now the other cats don't have anything because of him.. I think he gets jealous and "claims" them for himself.

April 28th, 2005, 02:40 PM
Use a cleaner that has enzymes in it. They are made especially for urine/feces, vomit, blood etc. You can pick this up at a pet store or your vet's office. I use Miracle Mate and I bought it at the vet. No strong odour or harsh chemicals -- i thinks it has mostly natural ingredients in it. I used it when George was spraying in the house and now with Zoe. It works wonders!!