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Orange Tabby survived..

April 27th, 2005, 08:36 AM
There was another act of animal-cruelty yesterday,but with a happier outcome than with the poor pit-puppies...I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel about people capable of such cruelty :evil:
Scroll down for the somehow ended up tooo far down...

The Cat Came Back

An act of animal cruelty was thwarted just in time when a couple out for a walk heard a cat’s cries and followed it into the Don River. That’s where the animal was tossed to die sometime Saturday April 9th.

The Orange Tabby was found stuffed inside a blue bag.

Ivor Oram and his wife heard the animal’s muffled cries during a weekend stroll.

“It was an unusual sound that sounded like a cat that was afraid or in panic, in distress anyway,” Ivor explained.

Unsure of where the meows were coming from, Ivor followed the sound, which led him knee deep into the fast-flowing nearly frozen River. That’s where he discovered the cat inside the bag completely submerged in water.

“By the time we got to pick up the bag and unzipped it, when I unzipped it the cat was floating immersed under water in the bag so we knew it was basically at the point where it was basically giving up.”

But the will to survive proved extremely strong in the pesky feline.

“After about 30 seconds or a minute, the cat start to whine and meow a bit so we knew there was life there,” he marvels. “We just didn't know how much longer it had life without help.”

Hovering near death, the cat was brought to the Humane Society. When he came in, however, his temperature was so low, the veterinarian couldn't even register a reading. But, somehow, the cat managed to fight back.

“If he hadn't been found when he was found and if he hadn't been brought here and we hadn't started all these processes right away, oh, absolutely he would not have survived, not even probably another hour. He was near death,” explained animal worker Lynda Elmy.

Warm blankets and an I.V. helped bring life back to the cat that has now been renamed Moses, and will soon make his home with the people who saved him.

In the meantime, both the Humane Society and police want to find out who was responsible for the callous act.

April 27th, 2005, 09:37 AM
I saw this on the late news last night too. :sad: I bawled my eyes out, the cat looked just like my George! How can anyone do something like this??? I just can't comprehend this! It obviously has to be a sickened and disturbed person. Sane people just don't do these things!!

April 27th, 2005, 09:53 AM
Do they make similar bags large enough to stuff the offenders in?? :evil: :mad:

But the ending of this story is beautiful....and Moses... that name is so perfect. God Bless that couple. :love: :angel: