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April 26th, 2005, 10:13 PM
Newmarket , Canada, Ontario
My baby Rocky is a vizsla 1year old.
Today collapsed in the kitchen. we get him to the doctor a.s.a.p.
We find out that in the pond behind our house may be e-coli from a chiken farm, but as usual in this country everthing must be hiden under the carpet.
Our town which take huge taxes did not said a word or to advertise in media.
If something goes wrong with my puppy I don't know what to do.
If anybody has any idea please help me.
My heart is broken when I see the little one sick . I spend today $460.00 to the vet. I will spend more, I just want him healthy and ok.
This is not fair, to hide things like this.
If you have any ideas let me know, I would like them to suffer how my baby is suffering right now and do not be able to say what is wrong with you.
Sorry but I am mad.