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Pit Bull Helps Injured Owner

April 25th, 2005, 07:11 PM
Pit bull helps injured owner

FREMONT, Neb. (AP) -- J.J. Fritz got a wonderful wakeup call from a pit bull.

It was wonderful because the dog woke up Fritz at the right time.

Fritz, 25, lives in Fremont with 3-year-old Jessie, an 85-pound pit bull.

"I've always loved the dog," Fritz said. "She's like my best friend."

Jessie showed what a fine pal she could be recently after Fritz had surgery.

After having a piece of bone removed from his right elbow, Fritz was told that he might have a little bleeding and to keep an eye on it.

Fritz was at home asleep the night after his surgery when Jessie began whining, pulling on his left sleeve and nosing his arm.

Normally, Jessie doesn't get up at night, but Fritz thought the dog might have to go outside.

"Then I could feel how warm my arm was from the blood," Fritz said.

His large bandage was soaked.

Fritz had his girlfriend take him to Fremont Area Medical Center.

"They took me right in," Fritz said. "They hurried and cut the bandage off to see what was going on."

Dr. Richard Ward, the emergency room physician, said he discovered a small artery had been nicked during the surgery. It had taken a while for blood to soak through the bandage.

"I had to put a different kind of suture in to stop the bleeding," he said.

Fritz returned home to Jessie.

"She laid down and slept with me. She didn't leave my side for three days," he said.

Today, Fritz thinks he might have bled to death had the dog not awakened him.

Ward isn't quite sure that's the case.

"I'm hard-pressed to say he would have bled to death," Ward said.

But Ward said that Fritz might have lost a significant amount of blood had it not been for Jessie.

So Ward has high praise for the pooch.

"It's really great what his dog did," Ward said. "Those dogs (pit bulls) get a bad rap. At least they should get a good rap for doing the right thing."

Fritz is pretty pleased with Jessie, too.

"She's always been a great dog," he said


April 26th, 2005, 01:15 PM
Thanks for posting some good news Tybrax, we all need to here some happy storys, especially after all the horrible news today!