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Embarrassing Moments

April 25th, 2005, 03:36 PM
Its interesting how things we have either said or done that once had us mortified seem amusing over time. We see the humour - but usually only later. Sometimes much later. ;)

Certainly we all have many "moments" over time, no doubt.
Life is full of misunderstanding, blunders and mistakes that made us cringe.
I wondered if you would share any funny.(but of course not too personal) embarrassing moments that stand out in your memory as "classics" of the faux pas? :crazy:

One that really stands out for me:
Working in customer service, I was exasperated with a woman with a trivial complaint. She would not be appeased no matter how much I tried to sympathize and understand. On and on she griped, and THEN decided she wanted to go 'above' me... a mere peon. Why didnt she do this in the first place? arghhh..
"Certainly" I replied with calm sweetness, advising her that I would transfer her call, and put her on hold. I announced to my supervisor ( a friend) that there was a whiny old bat on the line with a ridiculous complaint who had wasted 20 min of my time..etc etc.

Yep. She wasnt "really" on hold, and told me that she had heard everything i said.. and now had two complaints. :o oops.
Having said far too much .. I was now speechlesss
Though reprimanded for my unprofessional conduct, I had to admit.. I had it coming. :rolleyes:
Act in haste...

April 25th, 2005, 03:48 PM
Shamrock! LOL That is too funny!

I will have to think I have alot of them and I will post mine. :D

April 25th, 2005, 03:58 PM
I can still vividly remember the most embarassing moment I've had (at least since I was an adult). I was being inducted into our community college honor's society and my husband and son had come to watch the ceremony. My son was about 7 and was terrible about behaving in situations like that, so I had warned him about making any noise, getting out of his chair, etc. The room we were in was really small and the chairs were hard plastic. During a particulary quiet part of the ceremony, my son let out the loudest fart I have ever heard. It ricocheted off the chair and sounded like a gunshot. It is really funny now - but it wasn't at the time! :D

April 25th, 2005, 04:03 PM
ROFLMBO!.... Kandy... that is hilarious!! I cant stop laughing picturing this.
Ah, kids! gotta love em! :love:

April 25th, 2005, 04:07 PM
I have to say that I get alot of use out of that own - not only was it my most embarrasing - but I pick just the right time to tell his girlfriend's about it since he's 22 now. Aren't I MEAN :evil:

Rick C
April 25th, 2005, 05:10 PM
This obviously isn't my most embarrassing moment - good grief, you expect something like that in this thread!! - but it was pretty funny at the time.

First of all, get in the right mood.

Think Steve Martin in "Roxanne" with the big long nose and how eyes were always drawn to it.

Okay, I'm visiting a client in a small town, nay village, in Alberta, in their local Stedman's store which, if any one lives out here, knows is the last vestige of the 50's department store clinging like an oppressive blanket to small town life.

I had set up a day and a time to meet my client but I was a little early.

So to kill some time on a hot prairie day I bolted into the local ice cream shop for my favourite, bluish bubble gum on top of greenish chocolate chip mint. A double!!

After having savoured this dripping mess for awhile, I sprinted over to my appointment only to find the local Stedman's store owner to be out, leaving his very shortish wife in charge, about 4'5" if she's an inch.

Through our brief and chipper conversation I noticed her eyes sort of following my head no matter which way I turned . . . . but didn't think much more about it.

After getting back to my truck, I looked in my rear view mirror and was confronted with a very large and very visible giant BLUE streak down the bottom on my nose . . . . obviously residual from the bubble gum ice cream.

It would have been invisible to someone taller than me but unfortunately, this very short lady was in the right spot at the right time.

Pretty funny at the time, embarrassing to be true.

And of course, I'm sure we've all had a booger hanging from our nose during at least one important meeting in our lives.

Rick C

April 25th, 2005, 05:36 PM
Moment #1: Walking in to work one day, down a busy downtown Montreal street, I felt something strange around my knees. Not sure what it was, and being very close to my building, I just kept going. Just as I got through the revolving doors, I felt the "something" slide down to my ankles and realized what it was. So I scooted off to the side to let the dozen or so well-dressed businessmen behind me through the doors, and then stepped out of my slip and shoved it hastily into my briefcase. :eek:

Moment #2: Out for a motorcycle ride with hubby and the gang (99% male) one lovely Sunday. I hated carrying a purse while riding, so I had a motorcycle jacket with a multitude of pockets to carry all my things. Being "that time of the month", one of the pockets was stuffed with pads (sorry, gentlemen). So I rode along, blissfully unaware that I had forgotten to zip up that particular pocket. When we finally stopped at a restaurant and I went to take off my jacket, didn't I find one of the little blue buggers sticking out of my sleeve? Sure enough, the previously-stuffed pocket was almost empty. I can only imagine the guys riding behind me being pelted by pads as they flew out of my cuff! :crazy:

Rick's right - you won't get the most embarrassing one here. Sorry! :D

April 25th, 2005, 06:24 PM
LOL! Those are funny! I really need a laugh today, thanks for sharing!
"THE" most embarrassing moments tend to be the more personal ones.. and that is why I mentioned "not too personal". No one is going to 'go there".. including me! :crazy: .

Writing4Fun.. that hilarious about the "ufo'"s!! And the slip too. Actually something similiar happened to me long ago.. and ranks up there in my own "top ten moments you-wish-were-invisible."

My first job after my kids started school, I had to rely on a bus service that was spotty, hourly service into the city. I had been warned twice about my tardiness to work.
One morning, I slept in, and with only 35 min to get dressed, ready and make the 8AM bus, I was in a frenzy. I leapt into the shower.. grabbed my dress pants off the bedroom chair, threw on a clean top and blazer, and flew out the door.
It was a good 20-min walk to the pick up point and I fairly sprinted this distance, arriving at the designated spot huffing and puffing.. but just in time to see the bus coming down the highway.
Whew! Made it,what a relief. Just as the bus pulled in to collect me, I glanced down. There was a foot long section of pantyhose hanging from the bottom of my pants. oh-my-god. I instinctively grabbed at it with one swoop, but this only made it longer. It was stuck.
I looked up. There was a bus full of people looking down at me. I wanted to run,die,disappear.... but couldnt be late for work again. I had to get on.

Gathering all the nonchalance and casual indifference I could muster while dying a thousand deaths, I boarded, paid my fare, and made my way to the back of the bus,.trailing a pantyhose snake behind me. :o
LOL,so long ago. Funny how these remain so clear and vivid in your memory bank. :)

April 25th, 2005, 07:21 PM
Here's one about a coworker of my husband. Every day, for as long as my husband has worked with this student/employee, the employee, (I'll call him Fred), has been either late or just in the door with barely enough time to punch the clock. Fred is a student and on a Friday night, he broke routine and decided to stay home and study, wash his uniform, get a good nights' sleep and show up for work refreshed and on time, for a change. So Saturday morning rolls around and he *****, showered and shaved, put on his uniform, apron included, drove to work and had some time to spare, so he walked thru the mall, did his banking, grabbed a coffee and sauntered into work on time! He wondered why everyone was looking at him and smiling. He was in a pretty good mood, and saying "Hello" to the friendly folks, as he felt pretty good about himself, being early and all. Only when he got to work and punched in did Fred realize that he had travelled thru the whole mall with his mother's pink briefs clinging to his freshly laundered apron! Shoulda used Clingfree!!

April 25th, 2005, 07:45 PM
I can still vividly remember the most embarassing moment I've had (at least since I was an adult). I was being inducted into our community college honor's society and my husband and son had come to watch the ceremony. My son was about 7 and was terrible about behaving in situations like that, so I had warned him about making any noise, getting out of his chair, etc. The room we were in was really small and the chairs were hard plastic. During a particulary quiet part of the ceremony, my son let out the loudest fart I have ever heard. It ricocheted off the chair and sounded like a gunshot. It is really funny now - but it wasn't at the time! :D

Sure...blame the kid.


April 25th, 2005, 09:47 PM
ooooo, I love this thread!! Here's one of my most embarassing moments:

First of let me tell you that I'm terrified of the dentist (sorry if there's any dentists out there). So a few years ago (I was 20-ish) my dentist told me I had to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. He warned that it would be a long surgery.

So, being the nervous hypochondriac that I am, I took a whole day off work, organized a lift to and from the dentist office and pumped myself full of relaxants before heading off to have my teeth removed.

And by the way, I'm quite a bleeder, it's genetic -- when I cut myself it takes FOREVER to coagulate and make a scab.
Also, dentists always have a really hard time numbing my gums, it always takes a couple of shots to freeze up my mouth.

So anyways, I show up to the dentists office in jogging pants and an old sweater -- I looked terrible, but who looks good when going in for surgery, right?

the dentist, knowing that it's hard to freeze my mouth, and not wanting me to start getting feeling back as he's removing my teeth, gives MANY shots. I was numb from my hairline, all the way down my neck.

The surgery goes well, a little traumatic and very long, but well. When it's done, and the dentist has packed my mouth full of gauze (because of the excessive bleeding), I decide to wait for my mom (who was picking me up) outside.

As I'm waiting, this guy goes by on a bicycle. He stops turns around and starts riding towards me. He screams out : 'MARIE_EVE!!! Long time no see!!'
It was my ex-boyfriend from high school -- you know ladies, the one guy who dumped you without telling you why, the guy you waited up all night for his phone call, the guy I SWORE to myself if I ever saw again, I would look fantastic and make him regret ever treating me like crap...

So he comes up to me and starts asking a zillion questions 'what are doing now, do you work, do you go to school'...etc, etc. I tried to explain (with a mouth full of gauze) that I was coming back from the dentist...but he kept asking more and more questions, so I just answered the best I could.

So FINALLy, my mom drives up. I get in the car. I look at her and her face was white as a ghost, she tells me 'what in god's name happened to you??' So I pull down the mirror, and see that the whole time I was talking to my ex, I was bleeding all over myself. I hadn't felt it because I was so numb. the gauze had probably dribbled out, and I was litterally COVERED in blood (all the way down my neck and onto my shirt) I never saw my ex again.

Wow that was long!!!

April 25th, 2005, 09:57 PM
To meb999: I'm sorry, but this one had me literally covering my mouth to stop from laughing out loud so I didn't wake the baby. Good one! :thumbs up

April 25th, 2005, 11:29 PM
I don't embarrass at all anymore-- I'll give you a few:

One was at the dentist too... I went to the dentist with chappy lips and the dentist put vaseline on my lips (which I am very allergic to) and my lips swelled up incredibly huge, like hot dogs on my face and I walked out only to find that guy you were referring to meb... My brothers were there too and they still bring it up.

And another one, was showing up for school on the last day before christmas break in grade 10 wearing a Santa suit that I had made during the night-- and you know the last day of high school before christmas is just for parties, right? My French teacher decided to continue on with the French orals. I was first, and it was an oral on a country- half way through my oral in a santa suit, I forgot what country I was talking about- an "audience" member had to shout it out...

Grade 7, wearing tight jeans (it was the 80's...) and my fly was open and because the jeans were tight, my fly was REALLY open. I noticed at lunch... :o Well, someone told me at lunch...

Or the time I offered "Hot Rugby Guy" a ride home because he twisted his knee skiing, and when I went to unlock his door, I fell on ice and slid UNDER the car. lol. I pulled myself out all suave like a mechanic... :o