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Stolen Rotti

April 24th, 2005, 12:39 PM
STOLEN! Abnormally huge male rotti from Sherwood Park, Alberta (rural)
33-34" at shoulder 160+ lbs. Answers to LORCAN or BEAR You can't miss him! You will think he is the largest Rotti you have ever seen!! When his mouth is open his lower jaw looks slighly crooked. He is a gentle giant. He will most likely bark and run if approached!
STOLEN 4 times by same people (neighbors)! This will be the 5th! The first 3 times when we confronted them they said "we haven't seen him" When the authorities go to their home, Lorcan is there and they say "he just walked into our yard" Last time their 11 yr old son was trying to get second dog out of the yard so my daughter grabbed him to ask where Lorcan was. He said he did not know, she kept persisting, he said he couldn't say because he would get into trouble. He finally admitted they took Lorcan from the house, enticed him into a car with meat and then gave Lorcan to his aunt in Edmonton. I went to the RCMP with this info and was told that I could not take a child’s word for it. The young boy was scared to go home after telling us, he ran away. His parents then figured out that we knew, they immediately brought Lorcan to the RCMP saying that they had just found him. This time Lorcan was in the yard with me, he disappeared and I started to call him, their son was singing "HA-HA-HA!!" from the bushes while I called and looked! Once again they say they had nothing to do with it. We have caught them red-handed tearing down all our posters in the area. I know in my heart they have taken him again!! LORCAN IS NOT PRONE TO WANDERING!! He is my shadow; he sleeps with the kitten and me! He has learnt to open door knobs because he does not want to be without me when I bath!! We rescued him from being put down 2 years ago; he was extremely under weight and very scared (he would pee if you even raised your voice). He is now very healthy, happy and well adjusted!! He is an indoor dog with his own loveseat! These people have given or sold him to someone!! The people he is with most likely do not know what is going on!! He wants to be home as much as we need him home!! The children and I can't stop crying!! The parrot keeps calling him and kitty just meows and looks out the window waiting! PLEASE WATCH FOR HIM! CHECK YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! YOU WILL THINK HE IS THE LARGEST ROTTI YOU HAVE EVER SEEN...YOU CAN'Y MISS HIM!! HIS FAMILY IS DESPERATE! He is dearly loved, incredibly spoiled & sadly missed!! PLEASE HELP!! YOU MAY BE OUR ONLY HOPE!!

We are offering a large cash reward for his safe return!!

Larger if information can lead to charges against the people responsible !!

If you have any questions or clues PLEASE contact me!!

I am also desperately tryng to contact the person who shares her life with his parents. Her name is TIFFANY and she is a rotti breeder who lived in north Edmonton, but she has moved. She also had Lorcans brother TEAGAN. If you know her or how I can get in touch with her please help!!

April 24th, 2005, 03:34 PM
I'm sorry for your lost doggy but I have to ask- how can you let these people steal your dog 5 times?

April 24th, 2005, 03:48 PM
Katt,this is just terrible,how do you deal with neighbors like that???Isn't it against the law to steal a dog???
Try to get a reporter to get your story in the newspaper,with a picture of your dog.Sometimes when there is not much happening,they'll fill out with a human-interest story and as you say he is unusual,very large.
I suppose Lorcan could be anywhere in the Edmonton area... :sad:
I hope you find him :love:
Are you anywhere near Vermilion???

April 24th, 2005, 06:49 PM
I hope you get your doggie back... but I really hope that next time you don't leave him unattended, look out for him at all times, at all costs. He should be leashed when taken out from then on. It's the only thing you can do if no one will help make sure this doesn't happen again.

April 25th, 2005, 06:53 PM
Please keep us posted. Sorry about Bear.

May 7th, 2005, 04:56 PM
Talk about fate!!!
I've been going all over the area, just in case it wasn't the neighbors, handing out flyers and talking to everyone I could in regards to Lorcan.
Well last Sunday a man I had spoken to calls me up and tells me that a guy in his area just aquired a large Rotti, he gave me directions to this acreage. I was going crazy because I had just got into a car accident and had no mode of transportation. One of my friends said he would drive me, but he was in town getting water for his cistern. He said he would phone me when he was done and pick me up if I had not found a ride. Well, he picked me up and we were pulling a trailer full of water. When we got to the acreage a bunch of people were in the yard and about 8 dogs came running to the truck, one was a Rotti but it wasn't Lorcan. I was quite disappointed. A big man came to the truck (he booted the dogs cause they kept barking UGG!). We told him we had just taken a wrong turn. We were having a rough time turning around in the driveway, so he said to come out and he would start up his dump truck and move it. He offered us a beer and the two guys I was with and his family were chating. Then he tells us about this new Rotti he got, but it nipped his little dog and he had to push his head into the ground to put the dog in his place, now it stays in a kennel behind the house he says. I just started to shake (in fact I am shaking as I type this!!). Big dogs like that need to be taught lessons...they need to know who's boss he says. He says the new dog is about 125lbs, his wife says more than that at least 150lbs. I am beside myself at this point, I didn't know what to do. Well, I see a bunch of horses and ask his wife if we can see them, she takes me and one of my friends to the horses. I can now see the kennel and a large silhouette. I have a special way of whisleing to Lorcan, while at the horses, I whistle (as if to the horses) from the Kennel I hear Lorcans bark, confirmation, it's him. She asks me if I want to see the new dog. I say yes. When I get to the kennel I had to take a second look, his eyes were all cloudy and he looked rough. He came up to the chainlink and started to cry and kiss my hands. Well then I broke down crying. She asks if I'm OK, my friend says no she's not...this is her dog. she says how can I be sure. I say " Loran, park it. He stops crying and lays down. I give him the hand signal for 'head down' and he puts his head down. The children and the man come over and ask what is wrong, she says 'this is her dog.' He seems upset saying how can I prove it. I say he is microchipped, he is also reported as stolen with the RCMP. He says the dog was given to his sister by someone saying it needed a new home because it was badly abused. He would take my number and get his sister to call me. I said I was not leaving without Lorcan. I said by the health of Lorcan and the way he reacted to me, I DO NOT abuse him. So I stayed there. I showed him the flyer with Lorcans picture (at the bottom it says large cash reward, he says how much is the reward??) About an hour later his mom shows up, she says the dog just showed up at their house and if he was my dog why didn't he find his way back, I'm only a half hour away. I pointed out it is hard to find your way home when you are in a 10 foot chainlink kennel. They finally let Lorcan out of the kennel to play with the other dogs.Then an hour or so later the sister shows up. Her story was that someone had found him on Range Road 204 (my street) and given him to her. I said if that was the case how come no one bothered to see if someone had lost him. he is listed with all the societys for miles around, there is posters all over, even at her community mailbox. She said she doesn't know, so and so just gave him to her saying he needed a home. Well I said nothing cause the name she gave me was someone I knew. I didn't want an altercation these were scarey looking, very scarey looking people. She was upset and said she dewormed him and gave him his shots, I said no problem, show me the reciept of how much it was and I will pay for it. She stood there and stared me down for about 10 minutes then went in the house. I put on Lorcans choke chain , said thank you and left.
Well, needing to know the truth, which of the three stories was true ( given as abused, wandered in, or found), I called a friend who talks to the lady who supposedly "found" him. Told her the story and asked her to please find out. Well the sister works with the lady who supposedly found him. This lady is quite upset someone said this about her, she said a lady who delivers sandwiches to the store where they work gave the sister the dog. The ladys name is _______! Guess what !? The delivery lady is my neighbor!!! It was them who took Lorcan again! But how do I go about proving it without dragging a whole bunch of people into it?
**If i would of been in my car when I went to the acreage, I would of been able to turn around, I never would of gotten out of the vehicle.
** If I would of not been with 2 guys would I have been able to leave the property with Lorcan??
**If, when handing out flyers, the man who called me with the tip didn't stop thinking I had car trouble, if he didn't have a Rotti himself, would I ever have got a call?
**If the sister didn't live 1/2 hour away from me? Fluke he was given to someone who happens to live by me!!
FATE !!!

How do they steal him that many times?
They have a little boy who Lorcan likes, before my divorce they used to be my friend, and Lorcans friend, in fact they helped me get away from my abusive ex. The forth time they took Lorcan right out of my house while I went to the country store (15 min). Now I always lock my door!!

How do I live with neighbors like that?
It is VERY hard!! When my daughter confronted their son after the forth time, and he ran away because he was scared he told us, and they returned Lorcan to the RCMP saying they had just found him, they tried to run us off the highway at 110km hour. My daughter was in the car!! These people are VERY MESSED UP !!! The day they took Lorcan I was outside with him trying to fix my septic cause it just went. When my daughter went to ask them about Lorcan, she said I was outside with him working on the septic. Well these people called the county saying the septic was going into their yard (impossible because it would have to travel over a hill first) but anyhow the county gave me two days saying they would condem the house!! These neighbors try to get at me anyway they can!!
They are friends with my ex, when my daughter told him they were behind this, he said no way they are the best most trustworthy people he knows!! Some Dad, doesn't even care they tried to hurt his daughter on the highway. But thats why I left him eh? Could he be putting them up to this with Lorcan?? Who knows!

It is theft!
But the RCMP would be more involved if it was a 10 speed, you see Dogs have legs according to them, now it will be up to me to provide proof, enough for charges to be laid. This time I will be sure to add harassment if I get enough proof. The RCMP know about the highway and everything else. I want to get these people!!

Lorcan does not leave my sight, He has to always be tied now, which is a real shame, to have all this space he cannot enjoy!! Even when I am out with him, because that was when they took him last time!! We were out together!


May 7th, 2005, 05:12 PM
What an incredible story, you were so brave to stand your ground until they handed over the dog, especially since they sound like the kind of people who might have guns around.

What possible motivation might they have for taking your dog? They sound incredibly backward and a little bit evil. I would document every contact you have with these people, just the facts, what was said or done. This might be useful if you ever get the police to look into the situation. Is there any way to set up a video camera or an alarm system to scare them off ? Do you live alone?

Wow. I'd think about moving, but then I'm a wimp.

May 7th, 2005, 06:45 PM
I had missed this thread before. It's just incredible how events unfolded! I'm so glad you found him. What was his condition and how is he now? All recovered? You were there for him! :thumbs up

May 7th, 2005, 07:01 PM
I do not blame the people who had Lorcan ( and yes they most likely did have guns around). They did not know he was stolen (or at least that is what I think). The sister ( we will call her "D" since this can get confusing) was just at work one day, and a lady ( my neighbor...we'll call her "N"), anyway..."N" came into the Shell where "D" works to deliver the Hygard subs and sandwiches, and said to "D" I have a dog that was abused by its owners, and needs a home. So "D" said she would take it. This is my understanding. Well a lady who also works at the Shell, we'll call her "S" heard all of this. And "D" told me it was "S" who found the dog and gave it to her, obviously trying to protect "N" or trying to avoid RCMP involvment. But I know "S" , which was something "D" didn't think could happen. So "S" told me the truth, and even told me "N"'s name. So the blame totally lies on "N". I only wish that I could convince "S" or else "D" to tell the truth to the RCMP. But I don't think that "D" would like to talk to the RCMP, and I would hate to send them to her to get information because I don't want trouble to come back on me. Who knows...Maybe I can convince "S" to come forward with a statement since she is upset that "D" said she was involved... but then she too may be scared of retaliation. I don't think we could do anything to "N" legally without statements from "D" and from"S"...
But if I do get "N" convicted of theft, I will be sure that everyone knows, all the neighbors, EVERYONE!! I will think of some way to have her pay for this!

So I don't blame "D" ...
I have thought of security cameras, I would like to get them on video. I have gone as far as to pick some out, but I have yet to purchase them.
Yes I live alone, with my 15 year old son and 17 year old daughter. So it is kinda scarey. I am thinking of getting someone to live here with me. I know this sounds stupid, but I don't want to move. I sometimes think that is what they want, me to list the house so my ex can get what he thinks is his share of the equity. But he doesn't realize that since it has been over 1 1/2 years with no child or spousal support while he make $12,000 a month (B-pressure foreman at suncor, seen the stubs and that got me furious) When the house does sell, he will have very little if any after paying arrears. But that may be part of their get me to sell. And being a stubborn Taurus, it makes me want to dig in my heels harder!!
I don't understand why they are doing what they are I keep to myself, we are quiet and bother no one. They must have a very boring life if harassing me is all they have to do. But one day payback will happen, that is the way life is. I won't do anything, that is not what I mean. Just that, if you do this type of stuff to people, eventually it will come back to you...Being the twisted type that they are, one day they will mess with the wrong person.

May 7th, 2005, 07:06 PM
He has recovered well, he slept for a few days straight. They had him outside, he has never slept outside since I've had him, so I don't think he slept well in the three weeks he was gone. Here he has his own loveseat, and he sleeps with me on the bed at night. He had a limp when he first got home, but I was told it was just a bruised bone, he is fine now...
:thumbs up

May 7th, 2005, 07:41 PM
I am glad to hear you dog is safe and with you! What a tale!
You seem to be in a delicate andf precarious situation with neighbours like that but it seems incredible to allow them to get away with what amounts to kidnapping a beloved family pet. I cannot advise you about to do but perhaps you should considers safer neighbourhood? I realize we cannot choose our neighbours but it hardly seems worth it to put up with that. Then agion, it punished you to move f you like it there. Could you not contact the police? It is the Crown Prosceutor, NOT the complainant who lays charges. Let them deal with those people before they hurt you again or even someone else!

May 7th, 2005, 11:14 PM
YEY you found your doggy. It is fate. Maybe somebody knew this doggy's fate at this home was too uncertain and a bad idea.

I hope it doesn't happen again. :)

heeler's rock!
May 8th, 2005, 01:54 AM
OMG!! I'm soooo glad you found him!! What a story! I was almost in tears, thinking of how poor Lorcan must have been so scared! And it pi*sed me off when that guy told you he had to shove his head in the sand for nipping at a small dog!!! What an A$$!!!! :mad:

Have you ever had Lorcan out to Calgary for the Pet Expo? I swear when I was there last summer, this nice lady had the biggest rotti I have ever seen, and I just remember him being a complete sweetheart!! He had to have been a good 180lbs!! I'm just curious if that was Lorcan.

Anyways, I am so happy you found him, and I hope and pray these rotten neighbours of yours get put in their place soon. :love: :)

May 8th, 2005, 08:04 AM
What a"happy ending"story,made my Mothers Day morning :thumbs up
It's difficult for me to comprehend how these moron neighbors of yours can get away with this over and over without being charged :mad:
I would be in a killing mood(not literally)if anyone ever touched my cats..
as I am sure you were..
My short 2 week experience with rural Alberta,was that dogs were not held in high regard,or very high on the list of important animals,at least where I was..
Anyway,I am so very happy Lorcan is back where he belongs..

May 9th, 2005, 01:58 PM
Wow. I'm so glad you found your dog!!

If I remember correctly, you said you don't have a fence? Maybe see about taking in a student from the university or local college (if you have an extra room) as a border. Maybe a foreign exchange student? That way, you can make some extra cash and put up a fence.

heeler's rock!
May 9th, 2005, 04:33 PM
Raingirl, she's in rural Alberta, and I believe the nearest university is in Edmonton, and I don't even know where the nearest college is if not also in Edmonton. No border would want to trek like 2 or 3 hours to school everyday.....Also, I believe she is on an acreage so it would cost a ton to fence it in....maybe there's another solution? :o

May 9th, 2005, 04:36 PM
What about never letting the dog out of your sight? I don't see how they can steal him while you are beside him.

May 9th, 2005, 05:51 PM
Heelers-you are in Alberta right so maybe you know the area better, but according to mapquest, she lives in Sherwood park area which is only about 20 min outside of edmonton (16 km).

And I'm not necesarrily talking about fencing the whole property, just maybe making a fenced in garden, like at off leash dog parks, where he could roam. Only an area big enough where she could see him at all times.

heeler's rock!
May 10th, 2005, 10:46 AM
Yes, I'm in Alberta and the few people I have known that live in Sherwood Park, have said that it's not that far from Edmonton, but she's in rural Sherwood Park, and that's not neccessarily in Sherwood Park, and who knows how far from there she is. Also, what if there are no busses going into Edmonton from where she is for people to get to University and back? Not everyone that goes there drives. Anyways, since I don't live near Edmonton at all I can't say for sure, and I might have exaggerated on the time it would take to get there. :o It's a good idea for her to get a border to stay with her, and since she hasn't been back to check on this, we might never know if it's an option for her.

I wasn't sure what you meant by fencing in her property, so I was just pointing out that she's on an acreage. A fenced in pen type area would be great, but again, who knows what's an option for her. :)