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My adorable pyscho

April 22nd, 2005, 03:45 PM
My dearest baby Mya,

Although you have not passed away over the rainbow bridge, you have moved onto to I hope a better home. We miss you very much. I miss not comming home to you whinning to be fed, or comming home to yet another lead that you had bitten through and your hair looking slightly smouldering. because however much of a pain in my bum you were we loved you all the same. I could see that you had, had it hard. you had spent the best part of your short life being chased around by kids, having your tail pulled and fighting with the nasty resident cat.

It took you a long time to trust us, I played and played and played with the little little mouse on the stick slowly gaining your trust. and soon enough you found your voice and would kiss me awake in the mornings. But we never really saw eye to eye you and I, I wanted more from you that you were willing to give and as much as i love you, i always felt a sense of failure when you were bad for no reason. And then along came your sister, boy you were mad, you couldnt conceal the fact that you hated having her around. The day your new Mommy came to pick you up and give me a break, i saw the seething look in your eye that said " So I have to leave??" But I hear that you are comming into your own and having lots of fun with your new Mommy, I hear that shes a lot more mellow than me and she is very patient with you. I hope you know that I gave her a note the lenght of her arm with instructions of what you like and dont like and made sure to tell her you dont like fish! I neatly packed all your toys and kissed you as you left. Im hoping that the growl and hiss you gave me was a for old times sake kiss!

We miss you very much Mya, and it was so hard to give you away. But neither I nor daddy wanted you to be angry all the time. I hope your happy in your new home and you think of us often.

Love you always

Mummy, Daddy, and Cali.

April 22nd, 2005, 03:54 PM
Awww BV,you have me in tears,but I totally understand how you must feel :sad: Don't worry,Mya will be happy and hopefully she's now in her forever home.
We do sometimes have to make very difficult desicions,in this case I think you did the right one,but that does not mean the hurt is any less.
I am hoping you are in contact with Mya's new owner and know and trust her to give Mya a wonderful home. :grouphug:

April 23rd, 2005, 08:55 AM
BV, I'm sorry you had to give up crazy Mya :( ! It may have been the best thing for her even thought it hurts you. She will now hopefully have less stresses in her life and may be able to calm down now which will be better for her health in the long run. She'll always love you!!