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All's lookin' well on the Cat Front...

April 15th, 2005, 01:54 PM
Well, after another heartbreak yesturday, one of the strays I've been working on getting to trust me was taken by the 420, saw him at the side of the on ramp yesturday on my way to Costco.... :sad: It looked a little suspect as it was just beside an overpass and there was a bucket lying beside him, who knows what really happened. My hubby tried to console me and said that all I can hope is that he didn't suffer and that I know he is in a better place now. :angel: He had a really bad eye and was sooo close to letting me touch him. There was a whole lot of crying, especially knowing I am probably the only person who will even notice his absence. :sad: (I could use a hug here... :o )

But on to the good news... my 'Palomine' has been all set up with Animal Assistance ( :angel: s) and I take him to get him neutered on Tuesday...although I think he may have overheard that conversation because he sprayed right by the door while I was on the phone! :rolleyes: And they are also going to help me find him a permanent home! I am so excited, I was really starting to get frustrated at not being able to afford to do all this on my own. I've also passed on the number to my neighbour who can't afford to have hers neutered in hopes that this will make her more comfortable (and responsible) keeping hers indoors. I often have to return him to her after he wanders the neighbourhood.

Oh and also....Nancy from A.A. says that they are going to help me catch/spay/release the two feral females as soon as Palomine is all set up, I'm gonna get those ladies done so that I don't have two (or more) litters to take care of this year....I mean I'm running out of cat lovers here... and my family is all catted up!

All of my babies are doing just lovely... healthy as ever. I am still swearing by that Corn cat litter....and they love the Nutro indoor dry food I switched them to. The Wellness made Windy a little 'loose' :yuck: ! So I hope all is well with all of you and all of your wonderful furbabies!

I'm gonna try to get caught up on some threads (prob just the pics looked at the others and holy carp did I miss too much!!!)

Oh and Palomine (below) in about a week and a half will be ready for adoption. Most likely at PetSmart in St. Catherines if you are interested.

Oh and Animal Assitance is having it's annual Bazaar at the Black Sea Hall on Welland Ave. St. Kitt's (just down from Wallymart). It's from 9am-3pm, so if you can, check it out. I'm gonna try and get there on my way to Grimsby at 9am!