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Five months living in forest, Bonnie's going home

April 14th, 2005, 04:27 PM
This story that was featured on my local news last night, I found it really amazing. I have a link to it - but as it also is soliciting funds for Bonnie's vet bils ( against site rules?) l'll just include the photo.

Bonnie was frightened by Halloween fireworks last Nov1st, ran away and became lost. Her owner searched for days on end for her.. but fiinally had to return home to Vancouver Island.
It turned out she had taken up residence in Pacific Spirit park, a huge forested area. Many locals knew of her presence in the park, some photographed her- a white "vision" in the trees. Animal authorities spent countless hours trying to catch her to no avail. Bonnie had many friends looking out for her, they even named her - "Luna". But no one could corral Bonnie/Luna to get her help.

After surviving on her own for five months, Bonnie was hit by a car earlier this month. At the animal hospital, her tattoo lead her back to her astounded owner who rushed over to Vancouver - and at last was reunited wiith his dog.

Bonnie has lost her front leg, sadly, but will recover fully otherwise.
An amazing happy ending, that really underscores the importance of tattoos and microchips for pets- and how the fates can work for both for and against you.

April 14th, 2005, 04:34 PM
I saw this on the morning news. What a great story. I actually sent the owner an e-mail letting him know what its like to live with a 3 legged dog. :rolleyes: