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house training

May 21st, 2003, 09:59 PM
HELP ME ANYONE!!! I have 3 MALE chihuahua's and they are all competing for the alpha spot. They piddle on just about anything they can reach and it is driving me insane!
I have heard that there is a "pad" type of device that can be worn around the waist of the dog so that he pee's into a "pad". Does anyone know where I can find this or if you have any other advice I would be eternally gratefull!!!

Thank you!!!

I am looking to breed them. They are all black. I have one small male approximately 3 with white markings..short hair.
One male, long hair, larger...approx. 7 pounds
One male, short hair...only a year old...solid black.

May 24th, 2003, 06:29 AM
If you use a pad, it won't help the problem - this is a behavioural issue and they need to be trained not to disrespect you by marking in the house! Sounds like they all need some proper obedience training and serious manners. If you can't train your dogs to behave, you probably ought to neuter them.
Train your dogs - when you see one of them sidling up and preparing to lift his leg, give him a SWIFT and firm correction, enough to put into his little head that you will NOT tolerate this. One or two corrections strong enough to make an impression is better than numerous nagging corrections, it is more fair to your dogs.
Obviously I'm not referring to physical "punishment" or anything - which is not fair to your dogs.
I live with four large dogs; two of them male Rottweilers. I absolutely do not tolerate marking in the house, and yes, they've tried. Once. :D