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tons of sneezing

April 13th, 2005, 10:15 AM
This is my first time on the site but I am desperate for some good medical advice. I have 2 male Bengal cats that are 3 yrs old. They are in/out life style and stay very close to home. Always have been in good health, an occasional scratch from a neighbor hood tussle or from their brother. The problem is with one of them. A month ago he had what seemed like a kitty cold for a day his eye was watery for maybe an hour a couple times that day and he was sneezing rapidly ( 10 or so in succession) his nose is very stuffy but no discharge and a few coughs and a fever of 105. I took him to the vet they they gave him antibiotics and fever reducer and subcutanious fluids and sent us home. I have never given him the antibiotics because he was completely better the next day and there is no infection. The lungs are clear, His appetite has never changed nor his activity level or personality, he just has a constant stuffy nose especially when he purrs or gives himself a bath. and sneezes more when he comes in from outside. What to do? One other thought is that it was around Easter and I wonder if he may have swallowed a strand of easter basket grass. If anyone can help please let me know. Thank you

April 13th, 2005, 10:22 AM
I think you probably should have given him those antibiotics as it seems there is maybe a an infection that is not resolving. Sounds a lot like rhino, a form of feline "kennel cough" if you will. Once they have it, it can also re-occur at the same time every year they can have slight bouts of the same virus.(My cat is like this every year, some years not so bad, some years no discharge, but we need antibiotics to clear it up EVERY year.

the sneezing 10-12 times at a time usually tips me off, and they "look" like they have a cold. :sick:

If there's no new symptoms that should be addressed by a vet, start the antibiotics.

And WELCOME to the board btw!!! ;)

April 13th, 2005, 10:57 AM
My 2 year old Siamese cat suffered with something similar a few months ago. I didn't take her to the vet because like you said she seemed completely better. Some days she was great other days she would sneeze, have a runny eye and stuffed nose. Anyway, it kept re-occuring for short periods of time over the next 2 months. She has since been fine, thankfully winning the battle against this cold/flu. But if it happens again next year she will definately get taken to the vet and given antibiotics.

I'm sure if you called your vet, instead of paying for another appointment she will tell you whethere it is still okay to try the antibiotics. Remember they have to be administered until they are completely gone, don't stop because your cat seems better!

I don't think possibly swallowing basket grass is causing the problem. But did you make sure that your cat eliminated it!? One year my cat ate tinsel from the christmas tree, it took 2 days to come out but thank goodness it was there. If something like that happens, keep your cat indoors until you are sure the bad stuff got eliminated!

I hope your guy feels better soon!


April 13th, 2005, 08:39 PM
Thank you for your advice. My tigger has no symptoms of a cold at all he only had the runny eye one day. I wonder if cats can build up an immunity to antibiotics that are not need like humans can.? but I guess I will try them and call the vet to see what the chance of allergys could be.

April 13th, 2005, 10:24 PM
Cats can indeed build up a resistance to antibiotics but rule out the grass problem as well. (You could have an Xray taken to determine if this is causing abdominal distress). I would administer the antibiotics to help him get better!
Can I ask why you allow your cat to go outdoors? Or does he just go out on a harness and managed to eet something?

You do know cats who spend time outdoors do not have long lifespans vis a vis their inhouse only counterparts. Here is an article that may help you. I too have a Siamese kitty - no colds yet but I worry too much, even at the first sneese, even tho I should know better, lol

This is the article:

I hope your Bengal (Beautiful cat breed btw!) is feeling better soon!!