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Now I remember why I like pets better than people!

April 12th, 2005, 05:00 PM
Ok I wrote before about a co-worker/friend of mine who was trying to rehome her dog. This is sort of an update. Ok first lets start from the begining.

So she and her 10 yr old daughter move to TX from PA about 6 months ago to work here. She is first living in the office because it is a house with the upstairs converted into an office. She finally gets her own house after about 2 months, so she moves out, this whole time she seems very responsible. about this time my other co-worker finds an abandoned litter of kittens that she takes in to raise and find homes for. well my co-worker decides to take TWO of these kittens. Ok that was good that they found a home so quickly. Then one day she shows up at my house to show me these TWO new pups she got from a rescue. Very sweet pups about 9 weeks old. they are brother and sister and BORDER COLLIE AUSTAILAN SHEPHERD mix!! well I knew from that moment this was not going to go in a good direction, I mean she literally got these dogs a week after the kittens, and they are of two working dog breeds mix, meaning they are going to be hyper and hard to handle because they won't have a job to do, and she has a very active 10 yr old, a new job, and is going to go back to grad school next fall. well at first she came to me to tell me she is just going to rehome the female who is much more hyper than the male. I saw this coming a mile away. well today she informs me that she (and she used this terminology) "got rid of them both" because the boy dog "thrashed" and killed a tree in her yard and she is starting grad school so she "has" to. I asked what happened and she told me she was on her way to the ASCP to turn them both in when a lady saw her and asked if they were hers, when she told her she was turning them in the lady told her that she was looking for two dogs just like that. (now keep in mind niether of these dogs are fixed) well my co-worker decides to give them to this lady who claims she has a farm (I don't know that I believe her). well then when I gave her a nasty look she says "but I gave them to the ASCP first who gave them to the lady so it's ok". How in the world does that make it ok? I have lost all respect for this woman and she is no longer what I would call a friend, just an aquatence.

Sorry this was so long but I needed to vent. I just couldn't believe it. I mean of course they were hyper and bored, she NEVER walked or played with them and they were two very high energy mixes. who in their right mind takes on two border collie mixes, two kittens, a new morgage, grad school, and a 10 yr old all at once? I am sooooooooo mad! :mad:

April 13th, 2005, 01:07 PM
Vent away Jackie, it happens all the time :mad: . One of my 10 yr old daughter's little friend just moved out to the country. I was talking to her Mom the day they were doing the last of house cleaning. We got to talking of the pups..they have 2 4 month old labs and SIX kids, 5 intact cats (they had 6, but one "ran-off"). I was mentioning upcoming neutering and BAM! Nah, now that they have room she says, they're going to get 2 females so they can sell puppies :evil: ! Oh we can get $400 a peice says this ignorant woman!! I tried to reason with her...told her of many homeless dogs, including the one we just adopted who was found thrown in a ditch at 5 weeks of age. I warned her of the costs, heath issues all to fall on deaf ears. The call ended with me saying "no, you'll end up getting $25 a piece and keep the shelters full and rescues busy"! People just don't think..some just don't know better I guess too, but most just don't THINK! Sorry about your "friend's" poor choices and for adding to you rant. I tried to bite my tongue when I spoke with her, anger took over.. :(

April 13th, 2005, 01:33 PM
People are so foolish sometimes and unfortunately, it is the animals who suffer!! I had a (well educated , supposedly intelligent) person tell me today they opted to have one litter from an Abyssian (sp?) cat they had. The cat had four kittens so two for family members and then they had to find homes for the other two. Their "aby" is registered by they do not show her and she is not show quality, just very cute! Their reasoning was to save money - cheaper for the cat to give birth than to buy another from a registered cattery, sighhhh!!! Now they did work very hard to find wonderful homes but it is the principle that bothers me. However well intentioned and clearly they love their pets, they still engaged in back yard breeding. The cat is now spayed and their male now neutered, thankfully.

April 13th, 2005, 01:48 PM
I think some people just don't give a darn !!!!
My neighbor's son got a male Boxer pup (from the pet store) in the fall, I told them where these pups come from, and that alot of them have all kinds of medical problems because of it. (It fell on deaf ears, besides they said, whats don is done).
All of a sudden 2 weeks ago, the neighbor comes to my door to show me thier new female Boxer, 6 weeks old, (they got her out of the paper, the ad said the pups "had" to go at 6 weeks because they are moving !! )
I said you already have Rex (male boxer). And she told me, they are going to start breeding Boxers :mad: I told her over and over that this was a bad idea, and there are so many inwanted dogs already. She said she already has people at her work who want to buy the pups :sad: :sad:
I tried so hard to change her mind. but she looks at me like I have purple horns sticking out of my head!!!! Isn't that what dogs are for ?? you have to breed them, and sell the pups, just to pay for thier upkeep (sigh) not getting anywhere with this one :( (these people used to breed Springer Spaniels too) :sad:
I keep trying to believe "what goes around comes around" and maybe when they die they will come back as a dog in a puppymill :evil:

April 13th, 2005, 02:20 PM
I keep trying to believe "what goes around comes around" and maybe when they die they will come back as a dog in a puppymill :evil:
Karma, baby. We have to believe that Karma will bite them in the end. :sad: I've said it before, I'll say it again..."Never give advice. The wise don't need it, and the fools don't heed it." (don't know who said that, originally, but it really seems to fit these situations :mad: ).

April 13th, 2005, 03:52 PM
Karma is the one thing in life you can always count on. Anytime someone does something wrong, intentionally to someone else or an animal it will bite them in the a$$ in the end! Sometimes Diamonds aren't a girls bestfriend, Karma is...

April 13th, 2005, 06:06 PM
Never give advice. The wise don't need it, and the fools don't heed it." (don't know who said that, originally, but it really seems to fit these situations :mad: ).
I just love that !! how very true ;)

April 14th, 2005, 04:04 PM
Now that our dog is in a more suitable enviornment with lots of space to romp around, we had someone try to give us their Shzitzu the next day.we said it wasn't the right time for another dog. They got him/her from a pet store and they think he is inbred not sure why exactly. Also I drove by safeway a while back and there was a guy selling puppies as you drove into the parking lot he had a big sign and they were in a cardboard box.