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Thanks to Centre Canin du Suroit!!

April 10th, 2005, 09:55 PM
Hi all!!

Well, Gypsy writes a new page in her chronicles today--"My Bolt" :D

we can laugh about it now, but I was crying earlier today.

Gypsy and Jake got out through a hole in our fence that we did not know existed--(WE DO NOW!!!) Jake got caught almost right away by some neighbourhood kids who were playing ball (or course).

Gypsy on the other hand went towards the woods. I freaked because we live on a busy enough street as it is, and the other side of the woods is the highway!!! :eek:

We looked for over an Gypsy. :sad:

I phoned the one had phoned in about a dog.

Then we went online and found the Centre Canin du Suroit(a "dog catcher" of sorts) off the Animatch site!!! We phoned, and someone had already phoned that they had her!!

So after almost two hours of panic, we went round the corner and about 9 houses down :D and met a nice lady who kept her outside tied to a tree and was playing with her.

Gypsy was "all smiles"..... ;) and her newfound friend will be recieving a nice plate of homemade brownies shortly...... :cool:

Just wanted to thank the CC du Suroit, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
And my kind neighbor, for taking care of my baby!!! :thumbs up

April 10th, 2005, 09:57 PM
What a wonderful story Twinmommy!! I am so glad everything worked out so well!!

Cactus Flower
April 11th, 2005, 03:03 AM
I love happy endings!

Yaaay for both of you!!!!

April 11th, 2005, 05:57 AM
I am so glad you got your babies back !!!!!

April 11th, 2005, 01:18 PM
What an awful scare for you, TwinMommy!
I'm so glad your dogs are back home, safe and sound! :)

April 11th, 2005, 07:50 PM
Yeah, it was pretty scary!!

Had some fun today though!! Made up a nice pan of brownies and filled out a little Thank You note saying "Thanks for being so kind to me, love Gypsy" wrapped it up in crinkle paper and left it in her mailbox (which was big and empty thank god!! :D )

Just wanted her to know how grateful we were, it's so nerve wracking when you are aondering where your dog is!!!!

April 11th, 2005, 09:02 PM
:eek: You are so incredibly lucky you got your babies back!!! To think of all the poor dogs who do get out of the yard and get lost :( .............. That is so great that lady had your Gypsy! That was cool of the kids to get Jake too! So glad to hear you got them both. :grouphug: Reminds me of Jesse :sad: and his GSD buddy who got out. The GSD came back, and Jesse never did :sad: ! Count your blessings girl!

April 11th, 2005, 11:56 PM
I know!!! The scariest thing was that because she just vanished so quickly, we KNEW somene had to have picked her up....we just had to cross our fingers that that someone was not a sicko..... :eek: I was a wreck!! When we found out from Centre Canine du Suroit that someone had her safe, I lost it and became hysterical...just so thankful, you know?

Whew! :eek: