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Justice's Surprise Vet Visit

April 9th, 2005, 09:04 PM
We had to take Justice to the vet today, and just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.
Yesterday noticed a small bump in her armpit. We thought it was just a matt in her fur, so I brushed her today, and realized it was a bump under the skin. Looked and it looked just fine, no redness or anything. So then we rolled her on her back, to check her belly, where she often gets lil sores and she had one of her typical spots on the belly, raised, pimple like. Then I noticed that her vulva was REALLY red and looked terribly irritated.
I called the vet not knowing if they were open, and they were, so they got me in, because she had a bladder infection last year, so they were wanting to make sure it wasnt that, and didn't want to leave her in pain, if she was in any.

They told me that she has Vaginitis. Some sort of infection. I guess her vulva is.. mis shaped. I guess its almost like, there is a lil bit of a covering there, like a lil 'hood' for lack of better term, so the urine stays on the skin, she licks, breaks the skin, and then the bacteria get in and caused an infection.

Just wondering if anyone else had had a dog like that... with a misformed vulva, and if vaginitis is something they had to deal with often? I'm thinking that because it is misshappen, she might have this problem a lot.

We also found out the bumps on her, he said the name but I can't remember what they were, pimple like, but the one of the belly was infected so she is on anti biotics for the next two weeks.

This is my first dog, and everything, when it comes to thier diseases is new to me.

Sorry for being soo long.