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Nasty-est question ever

April 8th, 2005, 09:44 PM
Okay this is about anal glands.
This morning I noticed one of my dogs anal glands was swollen, since it didn't seem to be causing her any discomfort I did some quick research online, then gave my vet a call. They suggested to bring her in. Which I did. Well my dog is a rescue dog, who is pretty leery of new people, so the vet isn't her favorite person. I've never met this vet (only his partner for my cat) so I explained her personality and muzzled her so she couldn't bite him. So he goes to do the thing with her butt and of course she tries to bite him. And he kinda freaks out even though she's muzzled and refuses to express the gland. he's kinda a flake. Anyway he sent me home with a sedative and orders to come back tomorrow.

So now onto my nasty question, After getting home I took a look at her butt, and noticed some brown gross liquid leaking out of the gland. So i ask, what does expressing an anal glad look like? *barf* the receptionist told me my dog might express them herself. She licked the brown stuff off. Is it okay for her to be eating the... express.ness.... Also it's less swollen now then it was this morning.

Also what can I add to her diet to firm up her stool (which I assume is the reason she got this problem since we switched foods a few months ago and it makes her stool really soft. And this has never happened before.)

Man writing this made me slightly woozy.
Thanks everyone.

April 8th, 2005, 09:53 PM
You're never supposed to express a swollen anal gland!! You're supposed to give antibiotics first and wait till it shrinks a bit and then express it. No wonder the dog was freaking out!!! That is so painful!!

But I don't know if it will harm the doggy to eat it. If the gland was infected, it could be a problem.

All of the anal glands I have seen expressed were a sort of yellowy brown liquid. (how's that for gross-- but you asked..)

(Man, I thought this was going to be another stinky kitty thread!! Yey it isn't!! :D )