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Getting Rid of Dog Odour

Dog Dancer
April 7th, 2005, 05:47 PM
Hi, quick question for some suggestions. A friend recently purchased a new home and apparently two very large dogs have used the upper level carpets as a potty. The previous owners will remove the carpets, but she is wondering how to remove the urine odours from the sub-floor (which she believes to be plywood). I know of Nature's Miracle, but am uncertain how well it will work on the sub-flooring...

Any suggestions?? Mine was that she may need to remove the sub floor and replace it to make certain before she refloors. Your input is appreciated - thanks. :love:

April 7th, 2005, 05:58 PM
Hmm..I don't know....anything short of replacing the subf loors would really just be a quick fix. Perhaps getting some good old utility sized tubs of vinegar or javex and give it a soaking?

If the urine has been there a long time it is likely absorbed right through the wood...if I was making the decision I would redo the sub floors before investing in new carpets and underpadding. Why invest in something so grand only to have the possibility of the quick fix fading once the heat comes....yuck, i hesitate to even think of the smell that could fill the rooms once the humidity kicks in...

April 7th, 2005, 05:59 PM
i think replacing the subfloor would really be her only bet if it seeped into the plywood the scent will always linger as there is no way to really get it out of the wood


April 7th, 2005, 08:42 PM
Last year we bought a home that was previously home to 5 rottweillers. We bought the house as a foreclosure so we never met the previous owners but heard from our neighbors about the dogs. The carpets were badly stained and the first thing we did was remove the carpets. Once we did we noticed the urine stains everywhere and I mean everywhere. The first thing my dog did when we brought her in the house was pee. This was very out of the ordinary for her.
Before removing the floor which would have been very costly for a 1700 sq. ft. house I went to Lowe's and asked someone in the paint department if they sold anything to cover the smell. Sure enough they did. I first sprayed all the stains with Nature's Miracle and then covered all the spots with the paint. It worked, neither of my dogs has ever peed in the house again and we no longer have a smell of urine.
I don't know if they sell an equivalent here in Canada but if you go to a paint speciality store they may have something similar. If you need the name of the stuff from the U.S. e-mail me. I will look it up on the weekend and send you the name.

Dog Dancer
April 8th, 2005, 11:35 AM
Thanks to you all for answering. I was also going with ripping out the sub-flooring, but then as Copperbelle mentioned there is a product available for this that I was unaware of. Ironically I didn't ask my son until this morning, he works in a paint store and the product is made by Zinsser and is called BIN - but they all call it Bullseye. He says it's very smelly as it is an oil type paint, but it is used to clean up at crime scenes as well to cover and seal the smell. So there you go, this is the Canadian name of the product, not sure about US. Maybe this will help someone else too! :thumbs up