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April 5th, 2005, 11:10 PM
So I took Kayla to a vet because of a weird bump under her arm (I posted this before if you're interested you can see it at ) and he says it could be from allergies. She also has red between her toes which he said is a sign she is allergic to something. I asked what but he said it could be anything and there wasn't really any way to tell.

I was just wondering if first is he right that there is no way to tell what she is allergic to, and second if the red between the toes could be from something else? I looked up the red between her toes on the net and it said it is from dogs licking there because of allergies. I have never once seen her lick her feet!

I don't know if I like this vet so am kind of questioning his opinion (he thought she had a bladder infection when I took her in to get spayed when really she was in her first heat). Should I be seeing another vet about this? Is there a way I can determine what she allergic to? Dog food has so many ingredients I wouldn't know where to start!

Thanks for any info!

April 5th, 2005, 11:36 PM
Since you're in MTL it will be easier for me to answer than if you lived somewhere else...

Right now in mtl all there really is is dust. My baby girl gets raw feet too. She has them all year but especially in Aug/Sep (ragweed). I think the irritation from the ragweed takes a long time to disappear and is "re"aggravated by the salt on the road.

My vet said that he could do allergy tests for me if the crazy food switch doesn't work (We are now on Solid Gold Wolf king). Have you changed the food yet? What food are you on?

I'll PM you my vet. I think he is the best and I know one other person on this board thinks so too.. I drive about a half hour to get there and when I move it will be longer but I am not changing vets.

This site helps figure out what is out as far as pollens go (I put the link to the montreal site but anyone can just navigate to get their town). If it's seasonal, you can see when your dog is itchy in certain months or more on certain days, you can look it up here (in about May to October) and see what it could be.Weather Network Pollen Report (

(Sorry I just checked and it seems they've updated it and there is all sorts of pollen out there now!! Craziness)