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Bill 101 upheld in Quebec

April 1st, 2005, 12:01 AM
I hope I don't offend anyone... Please pitch in your thoughts if you feel I missed out on something (touchy subject :eek: )...

Anybody heard about the 8 French families going to the Canadian Supreme Court to fight to be allowed to let their kids attend English school? They claimed that they were at a disadvantage because English parents can choose to send their kids to French school OR English school and they can only send their kids to French school. The supreme court ruled against them saying the lack of choice does not violate their rights and if they were allowed, it would overwhelm the English system.

Sorry if I am judgemental, but it makes me grin a bit to think that the law that was meant to limit everyone else is now oppressing the French Quebecers it was meant to protect. It is such an old fashioned, ridiculous law. Like French on signs has to be twice as big as English... We pay taxes to make sure it is enforced... I mean it's like the kid from Manitoba whose dad took too many courses in French in his French immersion program so he had to go to French school here because he didn't qualify for English school... (He barely spoke French) Is that freedom?

Vive le Quebec Libre! Tell that to the 8 families...