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To All My Beloveds

March 31st, 2005, 05:05 AM
What really bugs me is when people see you crying over a lost pet and they say "it was just an animal"
They don't seem to realise how lifelike some little personalities are, and how they leave a huge gap in your life after they have passed on. Many deaths of my pets have left me so depressed, and I just wanted to take the time to say a little out of memory for each one.

#1 Lucy. She was my tortoise shell tabby cat, and the first cat I had that I could truly appreciate. She even softened my Dad and became a huge part of our lives. The cat next door, Tom, used to sit and look for her and they would walk off together (she was spayed, no worries)
After a hospital appointment, my Mum and I came home to find Lucy lying motionless on our drive. Hey eyes were still open so she was sunbathing, but she was dead. My Mum wrapped her in a towel and we cried together. I had no idea what had happened to her, until my Mum consulted the vet. He asked us to see if they were scratches on her claws, which there were. He said she had probably been run over, and she had crawled home to die. It was so sad, and I miss my baby Lucy. I no longer cry like I used to, I am just greatful she was with us and I regret not making her a housecat. Rest in Peace my little Lucy.

#2 Pippin. Pippin was a beautiful rabbit - an Angora with stunning snow white fur and pink eyes. She was like a little dog sometimes she would bounce around and I loved her to bits. When she was two or so, I returned home from swimming for my Mum to say she had suddenly become ill. She looked very sick, and my Mum called the vets. They said to feed her bicarbonate of soda, and to bring her in the next day. That morning, my Mum awoke me to say that she had passed away in the night. My Mum knew she was going to go, and she stayed up with her until the early hours so she could be with her, and then she gave up and went to bed. Pippin must have died some short time later. We found out that some straw we had bought had been contaminated, resulting in her quicky demise. We buried her in the rockery of my Grandad's garden and I still miss her today. Rest in peace my sweetheart Pippin.

#3 Missy was my hamster. I loved her to bits, she was gorgeous and she became a real friend. I would feed her through the bars of my cage and let her run around. When she died, I was devestated. I wrote pages in my diary about how much I missed her, including little notes of memorial with a page of kisses for her. I miss her so much, she had her own little personality but I am just glad she lived to be around two and a half, and didn't die prematurely. Rest in peace Missy

#4 Cookie was the hamster I had before Missy. He was so sweet, and lived to be around four which was a stunning age for a hamster. He had many adventures. Once he escaped and didn't return or four days, but he was safe and well. The day he died was the day I went to a special book event with my family, to meet famous authors. I knew he was dead that morning, but I didn't want to spoil the day so I gritted my teeth and prayed that maybe he'd be okay when we got home. He was still dead, and I miss him very much because he was such a cool little guy. Rest in peace Cookie

#5 Thumper was a black and white rabbit I had since I was little. She was very feisty and stroppy, but still a lovely rabbit. I can't really remember much because I was so young, but I know I loved her very much. She was around eight when she started to get thin, and the vet diagnosed cancer. She was put to sleep, I was at school but my Mum stroked her paw. I'm just glad she finally found peace, and I will have my memories of her always. Rest in peace Thumper

#6 Smudge. A black cat that I'd also had since I was very small. When I was 6 my brother was born, and Smudge resented him so he spent more time outdoors. Our neighbours started feeding and sheltering him - though we always left him food and prayed he would come back. Our neighbours even told us that he had eye cancer - it was just a bid to keep him. When we moved house, we gave our neighbours our blessing for them to keep Smudge because he was happy there and we knew he would just keep running back. A few years ago, we received the news that Smudge had since passed on. He was a stunning little cat and we were really saddened. Rest in peace Smudgey.

#7 Betsy was a Labrador who died before I was born, but I heard so much about her that I want to give a little note. My parents paid to have her spayed, but she returned home very drowsy and ill. That night, she choked on her own vomit. My Mum and Dad suspected she had been given too much anaesthetic, though it was never proved. She would be around my age today, maybe a little older. I hope she Rests In Peace.

#8 My goldfish. I have had so many goldfish that I cannot remember how many. But this note is for every one. Goldfish, as little as they are, make excellent pets and you can love them like they are dogs. I named some Titanic,Ti for short, many to remember but I remember feeling devestated when they passed on, and hope they Rest In Peace.

#9 Pepsi was another hamster I can't remember too well but I had her when I was around four and she passed on quite quickly. I still remember her and I was very upset when she died. Rest In Peace Pepsi

it seems silly to write all this, but each death has devestated me and other pet owners will understand how it is like a stab to the heart. I pray each animal is free from pain.

:angel: Rest In Peace My Beloveds :angel:

doggy lover
April 6th, 2005, 01:03 PM
Some people say it when they have never had a pet, so they don't know what is like to recieve unconditional love from one. Other people say this to hide the pain that they are actully feeling, because they think people will think that they are silly for being so upset. I think that if you are close to a pet even a friends pet when it dies it in natural to grieve for that friend you have lost.

April 17th, 2005, 12:45 PM
That's alot of heartache. Especially when they are so much more than "pets"

They're family with pure hearts