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Wild dog fight in my kitchen

March 30th, 2005, 07:42 PM
:mad: wow i have just had the scare of my life, holy crap it has really set me back, im shaking and really mad.

well im in the hall way doing things, i hear a dog fight. i instantly thought it was the dogs next door and it souinded vicious (staffie and daschaund) i thought they were really going each other and dashed out to check they were ok. so i have bolted down the house to find that the fight is not next door, ITS IN MY BLOODY KITCHEN.

the dogs next door dug under the fence and attacked charlie. poor charlie was fighting both of them, she is a good little goer my girl and was not doing too badly at it either. so i started screaming, did think about grabbing a dog till i felt hot breath on my hand and pulled out in time, phew.

so luckily i have a well trained dog, i screamed 'charlie get out of it' and she stepped away just long enough for me to grab her and dash her into the nearest bedroom (whilst kicking the other dogs to keep them at bay, by this stage the wholeneighbor hood could hear my screaming)), she was furious as you could imagine, had the shepherd high pitched scream going and she was salivating and shaking, oh my poor baby.

so she was locked up, now the others. both bolted into my loungeroom and went under the table, they didnt want to come out (i was really furious by this stage) and they oculd tell. so i dragged them out and went to return them, well all the gates are locked and the fence is too high to drop em over. so i had to force them back through the hole, i have jsut finished filling the hole and putting a huge railway sleeper against the fence which i just stablised by hammering in big metaL pegs. it is secure but now im worried if they start another they could get through when im out, that would be really really bad. i will put sleepers along the entire fence today so that will stop them in their tracks, but i have to go to work first so little chucky is spending the day in her bed.

im so glad she is an experienced fighter and older dog or she may not have fared so well, i think she did scared the staffie and that is why he was not really tearing into her, i doubt it would ever come to that but then hey, dogs can be very surprising.

oh and no injuries, just a small bite mark on the dashaunds ear, and lots of slobber on everyone, it was all guff really but the noisiest scariest guff ever, poor charlie it must have been the shock of her life time we both need a good bit of rescue rememdy and a hot cup of tea. :( :( :(

March 30th, 2005, 08:00 PM
So sorry this has happened to you Mel! And thank God you and Charlie are okay!
How the heck did they get in your house? Dog door?
Well anyway, glad you guys are ok, I would have a talk with the neighbor if I were you! :evil:

March 30th, 2005, 08:04 PM
Melanie, I know just how you feel. When the two dogs came through our fence and attacked Den-Den last summer, I couldn't stop shaking for the longest time. Luckily, I was off that month and could stay home with Den-Den. He was afraid to go out his doggie door! I suggest you talk to your neighbor and see if they will put chicken wire, or concrete, next to their side of the fence to prevent digging.

March 30th, 2005, 08:17 PM
I was just thinking the same thing Sneaky---you must have a dog door or something eh? (I'm so Canadian!).

Perhaps that should go if other critters are getting in....for your dogs safety and your own!!

March 30th, 2005, 08:28 PM
So sorry to hear that melanie, You must have been terrified!!
Have you told the neighbor yet?
I would be soooooo angry at the neighbor :evil: They need to reinforce their fence !!

hust glad you and Charlie are OK!

March 30th, 2005, 08:49 PM
I'd have to light the neighbor on fire!!!! :evil:

Lucky the staff didn't hurt your dog seriously......or worse!!!!

Glad everything is OK.

March 30th, 2005, 09:31 PM
we dont have a doggy door (hard to get one that big i think and humans could get through it) we have sliding doors onto the back yard and they are left open most of the time when i am home and only closed when im out or its cold. our yard is huge and she has freedom to come and go (but mainly stays inside by choice)

and the stupid neighbor is not home, at work, we have had so many problems with her, we had to get the RSPCA involved at one stage as the dogs were going crazy and they are NEVER excersised, stupid cow, and i looked over the fence and you can see where the dogs dig and she has put logs on them, she obviously doesnt look there much and cannot train her dogs properly. she is really going to get it when she gets home, that is jsut not on and is potentially very very dangerous for both our dogs.

mind you i have done everything to ensure my dog did not upset hers, i covered the entire wooden fence with black plastic so they can see each other, i block all areas where charlie could annoy them and that sort of thing.
and her little dog just barks, and barks and barks constantly, and charlie does not like that at all. she is a quiet girl and you can tell the constant barking upsets her, she puts her ears back and looks in that direction.

well i am going to force her to concrete her side of the fence.

well that is certainly the end of the friendly neighbor mel, i tell you now i have lost all patience and tolerance for htis stupid situation.

but charlie is calm again now and enjoying her bed by the window after a nice snack and cuddle. poor little darlin, she certainly did not expect that this morning. thank god she is tough and a fighter when needede or it could have been tragic. (that makes me feel sick, knowing what could have happened :sick: )

what a start to the day :(

thank you all for your concern and kind words and advice, boy i am still quite shaken hours later and am having trouble focusing on my work.

charlie and i send you all big hugs and licks :grouphug:

March 30th, 2005, 09:43 PM
Now that you have the bite marks, can't you report them? I know in Montreal if a dog bites another animal, the owner can be brought to court. Especially since they were on your property. If I were you, I'd use this sh** to put an end to the crap you are putting up with. Imagine if you had a toddler around?

March 30th, 2005, 09:48 PM
So sorry to hear of your bad experience Mel!! (((Mel))) Give Charlie a hug for me too. Are you going to report the neighbours?

March 31st, 2005, 02:26 AM
sorry i should have been clearer, the dashund (sausage dog) was the one with the hole in the ear, which she definatly deserved, no charlie has not a scratch on her, she has been in lots of fights over the past 9yrs and i reckon she has developed good fighting and preservation skills (i would not wnat to test that theory), so luckily she did not get bitten, if that happened i would not have been able to control myself i assure you, if we were ever involved in a full on death fight i would not hesitate to try and kill the other animal i assure you. dogs fights on the street i expect, dog fights in my kitchen is definatly not expected.

in australia generally dog fights are not considered big enough to charge for and you would have a hard time convincing a police officer to bother with you. but if a dog died in a fight then perhaps, but i doubt it. recently a womans dog was killed in its yard by other dogs and nothing was done about it.

BUT my stupid neighbor will not know what hit her when i am finished, she either concretes her side or all hell is gunna break loose i assure you, i am just furious still. depending on her reaction will depend on how far i push it, but i want the concrete in my the end of next week. jsut waiting for her to come home.

i look at charlie and think how unfair, she was sleeping in her kitchen and got attacked, just totally unfair. i feel pretty bad for her, it was a big fright for both of us.

thanks for the hugs, we appreciate them alot, my poor little baby :( and now she is being a bit of a sooky lala, thats ok, she can sleep on the italian leather tonight and i think steak for breakfast is on her menu. she deserves it :grouphug:

March 31st, 2005, 07:02 AM
However, intruding into your house should be enough not just for animal control but also the police getting involved. Especially if there is a history of neglecting the dogs. You have the right to a much higher standard of safety in your home. What if there was a child in the kitchen? I would think you would have cause to have those dogs re-homed.

March 31st, 2005, 04:02 PM
well i went and saw the neighbor, it was very interesting. the staffie has been dumped on her, the owner said a week and never came back and it turns out she is scared of him, so she is looking to rehouse him, she said she has one person who may want him so hopefully it wont be too long (she said most likely a week or so, we will see). but she is really scared of him, but she wont take him to the pound, she says she does not believe in it, i can understand (dogs have 7days to be rehomed/claimed or they are PTS) :( . she is considering putting him into a boarding kennel till she can rehome him, i supported that notion. we agreed to have a meeting this afternoon after the builder etc, so we will see then.

so the little sausage dog shelly, now i reckon she only came over because the staffie did, she is 10yrs and the owner claims she has never left the yard.

but like i said to her that does not change my situation, so she is getting a builder around today to see if he can either concrete her side or bury sheets of tin along the fence to stop them ever coming through (this system works for wombats-digging aussie mammals). i told her it had to be done in the next day or two or i would have tyo call the rangers and RSPCA, she reacted to this and started apologising etc, so hopefully that will get things going.

so we have fixed it up with sleepers till the builder comes and charlie is inside buty that is by choice really. so if it is done this weekend i wont worry too much, but that staffie has to go.

so hopefully that is the end of it for me, the sausage dog is ok, she is small and old so not mcuh of a threat, its her big buddy thats the issue and hopefully he will go soon :mad: .

mind you what a crappy neighbor, she has had 2 red belly black snakes in her yard in the past week and didnt bother telling me, which is just rude as they are very dangerous snakes that attack when threatened. and any one could have been bitten and still could if we have a nest near by, man im really feelin like i wanna move from this hood for sure.
(and if you dotn hear from me in the next two weeks it means im probably dead from snake bite :rolleyes: )

thanks to you you big bunch of sweet hearts and charlie has finished her steak and is feelin much better :grouphug: .

March 31st, 2005, 04:14 PM
Mel,what an experience :eek: ..glad Charlie is ok ((((hugs))))!!

March 31st, 2005, 05:27 PM
she is small and old so not mcuh of a threat

Well let me tell you a story.

That's when you really have to keep an eye on 'em!

Was visiting friends in the country, they have a fenced area out back of the house with 2 GSD's, VERY GOOD at GUARDING these two are. And of course the wiener dog.

Went through the whole ritual of introduction with the trio in order to affirm my welcome status.

5 minutes later I go out to the car and return -forgot the wine :eek: can't have that.

I follow the ritual rules and all is cool with the GSD's, no Doxie in site so I come back through the gate and GSD's are all happy and waggin' then
BAM the Doxie comes from nowhere behind me and tears a chunk of flesh off my calf(wearing shorts).

VILE EVIL LITTLE CREATURE :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

The only dog that ever bit me. :mad: I BBQ"ed him later that night. (just kidding) :D

I'm thinkin' it was a set up all along and it WASN"T the GSD's idea.

Lucky Rescue
March 31st, 2005, 08:59 PM
OH I'm so sorry to hear you went through so much stress, you poor thing!! Glad to hear everyone is okay, luckily.

BAM the Doxie comes from nowhere behind me and tears a chunk of flesh off my calf(wearing shorts).

I know someone who insists all anyone needs for home protection is a shotgun and a dachshund.:p

March 31st, 2005, 09:03 PM
So true, I've got the scar to prove it. :(

March 31st, 2005, 10:26 PM
Lucky, That is SO true - and with the right little Dachshund you won't need the shotgun. My alphas didn't bite - they just gave people and other dogs the "look". I have always found it prudent to look into the eyes of someone threatening - big or small not being as important as the intent in the eyes. Sorry, Melanie, for your experience - I have been through it as well - very, very frightening.

April 1st, 2005, 11:40 AM
Nothing worse than little dogs with Napolian syndrome...

April 1st, 2005, 02:13 PM
Melanie, what a frightening thing to happen! I'm so glad that Charlie is ok.. and wasnt injured.
I sure hope your neighbour gets on this straightaway, and fixes the problem.
So, now SNAKES are the next risk, you say? omg.. :eek: now that is scary... :eek:.
I can see an animal coming into another's yard - but to actually enter someone else house, strange surroundings.. its so incredibly bold and outrageous to me.

My daughter had a similiar experience to yours about a month ago. Only it was a wild cat fight in the kitchen, and she was not at home at the time.

Her (neutered) male Dexter was likely sitting on the upper patio balcony when his "arch-enemy" spotted him, and managed to somehow gain entry by climbing up and inside though the open sliding door.

She returned home to find cat hair everywhere.. up and down the halls, all over the kitchen floor. What the heck??? she was thinking.. and then she saw Dexter. Bitten, face puffed up, fur missing. he was a mess, poor thing. Sore and injured,and quite traumatized too. He'd been beaten up in his own home, a terrible thing to happen. (he's ok now though)

My daughter alllows outdoor access to her cats :( and so she knew right away this must be the new neighbours cats. There was gray fur left behind, and these two males had been fighting. She'd actually been keeping her guy in because of this, but the other had been hanging around - even peering in the windows. An odd behaviour, I thought. Dexter appeared afraid of this cat.. and with good reason, apparently. :sad:

She was really angry about this "home invasion".. and mugging of her cat, but got little satisfaction talking to the owner. "How did she know it was HER cat if no one was home? Cats will be cats" .etc,etc..

Myself, I'd never heard of such a thing.. and thought this cat must be slightly unhinged - or something.
Rascal is its name, apparently. Not the name that comes to my mind.... :evil:

April 1st, 2005, 03:49 PM
hi guys, your all really sweet and kind and charlie and i thank you for your kind thoughts.

Db7 owwww :eek: i hopw you drank the whole bottle after that, i guess i figured the staffie could do more damage to her (he pup) but when i was shoving them through the fence i did get scared of the little one, she was obviously scared and i know frightened dogs bite, but it had to be done.

builder came, concreting will be done on monday.

snowdancer i know what your saying now withthat little one, boy what a little goer for a 10yo (gotta give her credit for sheer boldness).

yes shamrock red belly black snakes (very poisionous but generally only bites when threatened, they also eat the babies of the very deadly brown snake who does chase, so they are good and bad), we need a bit of the old st pat here i reckon. she said there was a baby on the front step, and another baby dead in the back yard near the fence, my guess the little one got it, ive heard they are good at snake killing. but charlie is in the yard and i know she is terrified of snakes (my fault but very effective).

but the woman tells me a week or two after it happened which means they are growing, and it will be harder to get them off a nest if their still in the nest, or worst case they will distribute around the neighbor hood. if she had told me straight away i would have had a fairer chance of getting rid of them, now i fear their bigger (at that size im not touching them babies are poisionous too but small ones easy to get) and we will have to get a snake handler to do it.

gosh neighbors eh, stupid bloody neighbors. :yuck:

charlie is fine and dnady again, going for a play date today just to reassure her some dogs are normal :D

thanks guys