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calling all pinscher parents!!!

March 29th, 2005, 03:34 PM
i had posted this inquiry at the end of a thread that began about a month ago... i'm certain that is the reason for the lack of response. therefore... my question is this: i am under the impression that monitoring my 4-month old dobe's exercise is imperative, as the growth and development of his bones is drawn between a fine line of not enough, and too much walking, running, etc. i have noticed at times, amidst our walks, his behavior becomes a bit tainted w/ aggressive tendencies. he will dart in front of me, back and forth across the sidewalk... nipping and biting at my legs and feet. is he telling me he is tired, sore, etc.? is this something that will subside the more familiar he becomes w/ our walks and his leash? could someone direct me accordingly? i just want to make sure he gets enough exercise... w/out crossing the "too much" line...

please and thank you, says nehemiah! (my pooped pooch)

March 30th, 2005, 10:39 AM
I adopted a Dobe when she was about 6-7 months and I took her out multiple times a day to run and play. She was always allowed to exercise as much as SHE wanted, I didn't jog or roller blade with her until she was well over a year. She would nip at my legs etc when she was excited or over stimulated. I would let him play as much as he wanted but I wouldn't jog or do repetitive type exercise with the pup. I know for my Dobe she wasn't easy to live with unless she had a good two hour romp time at the doggy park! He could be bored or frustrated as well if you are simply walking in the neighborhood. I find with my Dobe she needs lots of direction and a job or she gets pretty bored. We do lots of training, she now does agility and is a really good retriever! :crazy: