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frustrated with the cats

March 28th, 2005, 05:09 PM
So my two new fosters and my resident kitty, Tink, have been in face to face contact with one another for a few days (except when they cannot be supervised to some extent) after doing the whole gradual introduction thing. It is not going well. Tink will not leave them alone. They are content to coexist with her, they don't try and play with her or bother her, but she is always chasing them, hissing and swatting. The article I read about introducing them said to go back to keeping them in seperate rooms for a little while if they hiss or try to get physical (Tink's claws do come out and she has even tried wrestling one of the boys), but I cannot keep them in seperate rooms for that long as the boys are very, very vocal about disliking it. Do I just let them work things out for themselves? There are a lot of times when they are okay together and generally it doesn't amount to anymore then hissing and a few swats from each cat. Or should I keep seperating them? I feel bad for Tink because i can tell she is stressed, even though I try and give her a lot of one on one attention. Then again, i'm supposed to be socializing the new cats, not subjecting them to harassment.

Also, one of the fosters peed on the couch yesterday and on my boyfriend when he was asleep last night :yuck: . They had been using the litterbox fine until then and nothing about the boxes have since changed. I'm sort of a neat freak so they are scooped/cleaned/refilled often and there are three in the apartment. I know there's a possibility this could be because of a medical problem so I emailed the foster coordinator about it since the cats are supposed to go through the rescue vet if they need any medical attention/advice, but i'm worried it is because they are so stressed out being in this new place with a cat that hates them Anyone have any suggestions?