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Hello All

March 23rd, 2005, 12:36 PM
Hey everyone! Long time no see! Everything is good here, and looks like my half-way house for kitties is up and running again. I've been trying to find funding assistance and am working with the HS to try to get this pack of strays Spayed/Neutered and released. My latest visitor is a B&W fella, with a personality just like my Buddy, so I've aptly been callin him Pal-O-Mine. I just can't resist those dirty sad little furry faces...and man do they know where to come for help or what?! Hope all is well with you all and your critters, and I hope to be on here more often. Have a feeling I'll be needing to vent soon... the lack of compassion the general public has for these innocent creatures is really starting to tick me off. Anyhow it's good to be back....missed you all!!!!

March 23rd, 2005, 12:49 PM
We have missed you as well. I think it is really great what you are doing for these babies. You truly are an angel! Keep up all the good work and do not let all the people in this world descourage you! :D :grouphug:

Cactus Flower
March 23rd, 2005, 01:37 PM
Wecome back! I'm just now returning, too. Ah, we wayward

Keep the good work- and your chin- UP ! :)

March 23rd, 2005, 01:39 PM
You all are just two busy for us on here. LOL We are glad to see you back!

Lucky Rescue
March 23rd, 2005, 01:58 PM
HI there! Nice of you to help the kitties and am glad you're getting some assistance.

the lack of compassion the general public has for these innocent creatures is really starting to tick me off

Yes, it's sad how ignored stray and abandoned cats are, compared to dogs.:(

March 25th, 2005, 10:26 AM
Well after much finaggling with hubby and the promise to give up my own $50/week allowance :rolleyes: (LOL) I took the new guy to the vets. He got a set of shots, some revolution, tapeworm meds (cause he barfed worms up all over my spare bedroom- along with candy wrappers and other garbage :eek: ), and he had a general check up. She says he is barely a year (this so reminds me of Buddy's story), but in pretty good health. He has some problems with his coat, but I'm hoping the dry skin etc. is a result of poor nutrition. In short if someone does come to claim him, they have a LOT of explaining to do :mad: . I suspect that it is another case of "oooh he's so cute"....then a few months later..."wait it costs how much for shots and neutering???", and out he went :sad: . He's people friendly (quite affectionate actually) so I know that at some point he was someone's I will be keeping him for a month or so before finding him a home. I have a pic of him, but am holding off posting that as I want to use his unique markings as a means of identifying him.

Chase has already resigned to the fact that he has officially lost his bedroom, we even took his bed out and put it next to mine (a great idea actually for two tossers)... although I forgot how loud that bugger snores! So my spare room is now dedicated to kitty rehabilitaion! :party:

Still no word from the HS on helping with spaying the females (strange cause I read an article that they got a large donation for just that purpose)... I also asked my vet if there was any way they could help me financially so she said she would talk to the other vet. She said normally they dont do things like that so they keep their prices lower than any other vet in this area. But I still have my fingers crossed. At the very least I'll give up my allowance for 4 more weeks or so and get the two female strays spayed so that we don't have more stray kittens to tend to.

All poor Chase sees is dollar signs, and really I don't blame him, we don't have a disposable income at all around here. But he knows that if I do nothing, I won't be a nice person to be around and he wants to help the kitties too. So we just take it one kitty at a time! After all I can't understand how anyone can resist those little :angel: faces!