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you know your a loving cat owner when..................

March 18th, 2005, 10:33 AM
you know your a loving cat owner when..................

1. You pay more for your cats hotel than your own when you take a vacation.

2. Your Co Workers begin to talk about the possibility of you having a self mutilation disorder from the play scratches along your arms and hands.

3. You go into the store with your last $10 and come out with fresh salmon for the cat and bologne and bread for the rest of the family.

4. You dont buy clothes that fit, look nice, or are the "in" colour anymore. you only look for there fur attraction scale.

5. When you make new freinds the first thing you ask is if they have allergies.

6. Its normal practise for you to have 1/2 foot of the bed space, your spouse to be on the couch and the cat laid length ways across the rest of the bed and most of the comforter.

7. You dont even take your shoes or coat off when you come in anymore, you just feed the cat.

8. You started buying velcro tie shoes because theres no point in keep replacing the laces.

9. The corner reading nook you made for yourself in the den, now has:
(a) a hundred different dangly toy mouses and toys all in different stages of destruction
(b) 2 large hooded litter boxes
(c) a large four poster cat bed that you couldnt resist buying before you got the cat
(d) a dirty, musty, smelly, fur ridden blanket that she actually sleeps on
(e) Hairballs
(f) a musty smell which your sure is decaying rodents she bought in to save for later, but are darned if you can find them.

9. The cat carry case you bought is worth more than your car.

10. You no longer look ahead of you when walking, you look down for the cat.

11. All the pot plants in the house have chunks missing.

12. You quit trying to make your home look nice anymore, and certainly donít decorate, I mean what colours really match calico fur?

13. You also quit picking the cat hair out of your soup and other peoples.

14. Out of habit whereever you go, you automatically leave the washroom door open.

15. you go to the kitchen cupboard for a cup, and think nothing of seeing the cat sitting there.

March 18th, 2005, 06:10 PM
ROFL! Too funny!!
I can relate to quite a few of these ;) No doubt my pets eat better than I do. :D

Thanks for sharing! :thumbs up :ca: